July 16th, 2006

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Dog ruling me life

Here's some Wendy logic. I took Harpua out around midnight, because I was over at Amanda & Lee's, then went to Daniel's to check on the cat, taking the dog with me. By the time we left it was 1 and I was happy because I got Harpua to go pee again, which means I can sleep a little later tomorrow.
sideview, obamame_sideview

Dog rulng my life, cont.

I think I am over the whole dogsitting thing. I swear, I feel like all I've done this weekend is walk the dog. Today I got up at 8 for her (would have slept in otherwise), took her out for a walk around Centennial Park, then when I got home, went back to bed. I then slept 'til nearly 2, at which point I had to get up and take her out again. Afterward I realized I hadn't even eaten at all, so I went to the cafe downstairs and ate in the lobby with her. She had a couple glasses of water and cleaned off my plate after I finished the fritata. I put her back upstairs and now have to go back at like 6 or 7. And finally again at 11 or 12. Harpua is a really sweet dog, but ugh, it's way, way too much work having a dog in the city. Especially when it's 95 out.

Still thinking of what I should ask for as comp. for this. Last time it was a bottle of wine. I'm thinking six-pack, or maybe a giant bag of cat food. I normally buy the little 5-lb. bags because it's all I want to carry, but Harpua's owners have a car and buy dog food anyway, so they could get me a big bag that would last Luckie like 2 months.


So I came home yesterday to find this centerfold spread on my couch:

I like how her belly has that splash of rust/orange color. It's one of the reasons I have trouble saying what color she is. She's got black, gray, white, cream, rust, and white.