July 20th, 2006

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So I go over to feed and entertain Pugsley, Daniel's cat, and I'm there an hour being all nice to him and what does he do? CHOMPS me on the ankle! I swear there are two puncture wounds just like in Lair of the White Worm. It takes a lot for me to get pissed off at an animal, but this was definitely enough. He's a huge cat with an equally huge mouth and the fact he got it around my lower leg is proof. I'd been watching TV and got up during a break for some water and Pugsley was following me around moaning and going after my feet, what he always does when I'm catsitting, because he thinks I'm about to leave. He normally doesn't cause any harm, but OW! did he chomp me. I yelled at him pretty bad and left shortly thereafter because I wanted to get alcohol on it and because I was pissed off. Way to go, Pugsley, I was just thinking tonight of doing a photoshoot of you but right now I'm too grumpy to give it further thought.
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Not Last!

One last thing I wanted to add about Boot Camp tonight is that for the first time in a long, LONG time, I felt like I was not the most unfit person.

This really came to me when we had to do laps and court runs and I was second out of the five of us both times. True, I was breathing hard, but I didn't need to walk or anything. Back when I did basketball, we always had to stretch and run before practice and I hated it because when we'd jog, I would get lapped 2-3 times by my teammates, plus the coaches, who were both in their 50s. Did better today! I still really hate jogging, but doing all the cardio workouts surely has helped me.

The same was true for most of the exercises we did. For some of them I sucked as bad as everybody else, but for others I did really well. Some of it was that I've been doing my own exercises for two months and so I can lift weights easily. In fact we did this circuit thing with five stations around the gym, 30 seconds on each thing twice, and for this one with a weight bar, I was the only one who used the 15-lb. bar. I tried the 9-lb. bar but it was way too light, now that I'm doing 10-lb. weights one-handed.

And I guess I can now arm-wrestle cheesala?
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Konged Out

So tonight I finally saw Peter Jackson's King Kong. I wanted to see it when it came out, but missed it.

Anyway, it was what I expected, in that it had its great moments while at the same time not really making me buy into it. I mean I did enjoy it a lot, cracked up a lot, but I found it really bombastic and just TOO over-the-top at times. (Have I ever said anything was TOO over-the-top?) Anyway, my favorite two scenes: 1) Adrien Brody, Jack Black, et al. being attacked by giant insects and 2) Kong and Anne sliding around on the frozen pond at Central Park.

Something I really liked about the movie? The fact that Anne doesn't TALK with Kong. All the communication is done through body language, eyes, face. If I were with Kong I'd have been chattering a mile a minute the way I do with all animals -- and people. And lots of writers and directors would have done the scenes that way, but it works so much better when nothing is said. And the fact that Kong is a strong enough CGI creation to emote enough that the viewer knows what he's feeling from his eyes -- bravo!

Something that got annoying was the preponderance of what (on the LotR extras) were termed "Peter Jackson moments." Over and over, there was some huge action scene that would just escalate and escalate and then just when you'd think it couldn't get more... escalated... Jackson throws in something on top of THAT and has you going "No WAY!" And I guess that just was overused here, because after a while you know it's ALL going to be like that.

One very cool effect occured due to context: The scene in the NYC theater where Kong is unveiled looks a LOT like the theater where I was watching the movie, a 1920s movie palace. It was almost funny really, seeing the theater within the theater.

Finally, I loved Jack Black in this. What was especially cool is how much he looks like Orson Welles. I mean, am I crazy? He totally does. And is playing a movie producer. WTF?
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Still hurting

That cat bite still hurts. When I walk, it's like "Ow ow ow." According to WebMD, cat bites "usually cause deeper puncture wounds than dog bites," and yeah, that's what I have, deep puncture wounds. Like two big needles went into me. The bite's on my lower calf, just above my ankle, right on/in some muscle I apparently use to walk. It's scabbed over and while the skin around it is a little red, it's not hot, so I think it's OK. Impressive looking though -- showed it to people at work and they were like "Wow, how'd the cat open its mouth that wide?" It looks like a snake bite actually, because there are only two wounds. Must be a big snake though, since the marks are about 2 inches apart.