July 24th, 2006

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Caleb brought back a few stalks of fresh-picked rhubarb from his mom's garden in Vermont. I love me some rhubarb and strawberries, so last night I bought some strawberries and tonight I made strawberry-rhubarb pie! I've had a premade piecrust on hand for some time so I just whipped together the filling according to some simple directions I found (rhuburb, strawberries, sugar, corn starch, lemon juice, cinnamon) and put it in the piecrust for an hour at 375 F. It was supposed to have a top crust but I didn't bother. I took it out of the oven at midnight and it looks and smells SO good! I'm taking it to work tomorrow to share with my coworkers. I totally want some for breakfast. Three cheers for PIE!

Iraq trivia... OK, not so trivial

So... I heard today on NPR that 100 civilians are dying every day in Bagdad. A day. This is sectarian violence, not the insurgency. U.S. troops are now being shifted into the city to get a handle on it, because supposedly as Bagdad goes, so will everywhere else. Things are supposed to get worse; the military admits this. So my question is, when does this become a civil war, if it's not already? And how will it ever, ever end?
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Well, lot of stuff going on, mostly good, so time for an update!

Brought my pie to work and did have a bit for breakfast. It was delicious and my dept. head agreed. I'm not sure who else tried it but there was only a quarter left by the end of the day. Yay!

Alllllmost Done With Water
For the past like month I've been working on water-related web sites: Metropolitan North Georgia Water Planning District and Clean Water Campaign. In both cases what I'm doing is building the sites out in RedDot (the content management system), which is pretty much a lot of deconstructing code, reconstructing code, troubleshooting, and banging my head on the wall. Tomorrow I should finish up the main body of work on Clean Water and after that I'll move on to doing a couple of email newsletter templates... and then I get to do the elderly, templating out the AgeWise Connection web site. Well, at least it's not water!

Boot Camp
So tonight I had Boot Camp again and it was MUCH better, as in, I managed to do everything and not feel like I was dying. In fact on a bunch of the things, I did really well, to my surprise. My favorite thing tonight was getting to box. We did a bunch of partnered exercises and one of them was having my partner hold one of those boxing cushion things and then I got to attack it -- with boxing gloves -- for 30 seconds. Not only did I hit hard enough to basically almost knock down my partner several times, but I really enjoyed it. Hitting things is fun, as I recall from playing field hockey!

There were a couple of exercises I couldn't do, not because they were too hard on my body, but because they required too much coordination. Just some moves, I see everybody doing it, but I can't coordinate myself. I apologized to the instructor and said I wasn't slacking, I just literally could not do the motion. I think it's the same thing that keeps me from being able to learn dance moves. Even the Macarena is too complex for me. I can remember to do maybe two things... then after that, it's too complicated. We had to do this thing called "Up Down" today and I just could not figure it out, even when it was demo'd right next to me. Oh, well. I guess this is why I was OK with squaredancing where they remind you of every move as you go along.

Getting Pumped
OK, so I won't be getting pumped, but I will be starting up workout routine that includes a lot of strenth-training / weight stuff. Tonight after boot camp my instructor, who's a personal trainer, took me around and showed me about 10 different pieces of equipment he wants me to use for my arms, shoulders, back and legs. He had to show me how to use a couple of them, because it's not obvious at all. Anyway, I think I will give it a shot tomorrow, doing at least half of them. I think I will be OK with that actually. Then Wednesday I have boot camp again so I guess Thursday I will do my cardio routine. I cannot believe I'm going to the gym 4 days a week but... well, it must be done.
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Where is the MUTE button?

There are so many things wrong, design-wise, with MySpace -- obnoxious color schemes, backgrounds, like it's 1996 all over again -- but my number-one beef is people putting MUSIC on their profiles. WHAT THE HELL! I can understand if you're a band. I could even understand if you want to have a player in your profile. But having music that just BLARES as soon as the page loads is just friggin' rude. Tonight I went to one and it made ME jump out of my seat and made Luckie run to the living room. Anyway, it's just WRONG.

OK, now I've vented.
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