July 25th, 2006

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Since when...

...did regular popcorn become some sort of hard-to-find retro food item? Meaning, popcorn kernels. Today I was at Publix and went to get some popcorn, because the huge cannister I have finally ran out. I had to get help from a staff person, who brought me to the popcorn section, where I stood there going, "Ummm..." Finally, on the very top shelf, far left, I spotted a glass jar of Orville Reddenbacher "popping corn." Everything else was microwave popcorn! There were like 50 different kinds. Ugh. I always cook it up in a pot with canola oil and my own salt and herbs. It tastes better, wastes less paper and plastic, and it's cheaper! So anyway, I guess I am now becoming a codger.
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Pumping Iron

So today I went to the gym and tried out all the strength-training equipment and stuff Mike showed me yesterday. It took me an hour, but I managed to get through just about everything in an hour, 3 sets of 10-12 each. The only things I didn't get to was this one thing that some guy was using and this other thing I couldn't remember how to use. It looked like it might be dangerous to use if you didn't know what you were doing, so I left it alone. Anyway, did well with everything. What I find funny is how for things with my arms, I can usually only lift 10-25 lbs., but with my legs I can do like 150 lbs. I've always said if I were an animal I'd be an ostrich, and it's partially because my legs are strong.

One strange thing I've noticed since starting bootcamp and this beefed up training? I feel taller. It makes no sense, but I swear I'll be walking down the sidewalk and think, "WTF? I feel like I'm an inch taller!" Maybe somehow the exercise is making it easier for me to carry my own body weight around? Who knows...
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Baby Pigeons!

For many years, I've wondered why it is I've never, ever seen a baby pigeon. I mean, there are zillions of pigeons, they must breed in quantity, right?

Anyway, somebody told me they make nests over awnings or on ledges, and then recently I did some research on pigeons (the common pigeon, which is really a rock dove) and found out that they're actually cliff-dwelling birds and thus, yes, they do tend to make nests on outcroppings, overhangs, roofs, etc. They don't make nests in trees or on the ground, and their nests are pretty badly made.

And on other thing? Pigeons/doves are the only bird that feeds its young milk. Apparently instead of feeding the babies regurgitated food, pigeons/doves actually produce fortified milk!

Now to get on to the point of all this, I guess this year is the year I finally get to see the baby pigeons, because there are two big nests of them right here on my block. One is on the corner, on top of the Subway sign. There's a big neon sign on the wall, maybe 10-12 feet up and there are baby pigeons wedged back there. The parents were flying in there and the babies were peeping, which is how I noticed. The second nest is a really big one, right over the Broad St.-side revolving door to my building. The door isn't built right into a wall, but kind of has this ceiling over it with an open space above going up several feet, and the pigeons have put a whole load of babies up there. Actually they're hardly babies anymore, as now they're about 3/4 the size of full-grown pigeons. I say hi to them every time I go through that door, which is 4-5 times a day. They're a bit wobbly still and their feathers are a bit scruffy, but they should be flying around, filching food and making a mess by next week.