July 26th, 2006

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Excuse me while I saljsldfjksdfljsfljslfjlsjdflsfd...

Only just now getting on my computer after work. That's a good thing, IMO. I'm at work all day long doing my geek job (today, templating out an email newsletter in RedDot) and before I was just going home and doing more geeking at home. Now I go work out and then when I'm back home, watch TV. Today I actualy watched a movie, The Piano, which I'd never seen -- despite the fact that I've had the soundtrack for 10 years and have heard that like 1000 times. Liked it. But anyway, it's 11 and I'm just now sitting down to do email and a bit of work, before going to bed. I've been going to bed earlier, to keep myself from falling asleep at work. Also, with all this working out, sleeping only six hours a night just won't do. One hour more helps.

Been eating practically nothing but fruit, vegies and grains for several days. No eating out, no coffee drinks, no sandwiches, no cooking actually just cereal, cherries, pineapple, carrots, plain bagels, granola. It's saving me money and keeping me from eating food I oughtn't eat. Staying away from processed food mostly. I feel clean.

Luckie continues to be madly in love with me. Obsessed even! LOL. She's been getting really demanding about me getting up in the morning. She has a fit if I don't get up, and it's not because she doesn't have food, she just wants me up. It's sweet but annoying. Otherwise she spends a lot of her time staring at me. And she makes little sounds like "Peep! Meep! Eep!" so I'll give her attenetion. I mean, how can I not? Meanwhile today I found 5 play mice under the piano. I threw them on the rug and 30 minutes later all of them were under the piano again. She always chases them so they get stuck there. Cannot figure out why. At least I know where to find them all!

My shoulders are getting buff from exercise. I pulled some muscle in my inner thigh. Despite this, I am really enjoying all the time in the gym. I think boot camp is doing me a lot of good, pushing me to work a lot harder. I really do have to work hard, since this fat I'm trying to get rid of isn't going to give up without a fight. It just clings to me!

Ack. I have more, but I should look at email now.