July 29th, 2006

ice cream

Fun night!

Well, after a week that ended rather suckily (new adverb?) last night was a welcome respite. No work. No gym. No fits of sobbing.

In order to complete the project I said would be done, stayed at the office 'til 7, but after that I went straight up to the monthly downtown happy hour, which was up at this new condo project near Crawford Long. It was neat to go in the building and the bottle of Sweetwater I had went down really easily ;) Also got to see a HUGE condo, like 2000 sq. ft., with a private terrace of equal size. That was pretty impressive! I went back to the lounge after that, where I ate fruit and vegies and talked to Caleb on the phone. We arranged to do stuff once he got back from Griffin, where he's been doing site work.

After that I went over to Baraonda and picked us up a pizza, which I took home on the train and straight to Caleb's. He'd made it home so we ate and watched old videotapes he'd brought home from Vermont, like "Up Against the Wal," an anti-Wal*Mart video made by people in Vermont prior to the Wal's entry into the state in the mid-90s. It was a really good video and I told Caleb he should share it with his clients in future, it was so well done and explained the "true cost" of Wal*Mart so well.

Next up, for the second time this week, went over to Daniel's building to watch Caleb work out. He's doing weight stuff mainly, so we talk while I go on a treadmill, just casually in my regular clothes. Daniel was out doing volleyball I think so afterward Caleb came by to see Luckie. We did some mind experiments on her and determined she is way, way too susceptible to Pavlovian conditioning...

After that I think I just watched TV ("Animal Heroes Phoenix") and kept on reading The Mask of Apollo, the latest Mary Renault book I'm reading. Excellent so far! I think I want to marry Dion.