July 31st, 2006


Pet updates

Well, shoot, time for a pet update:

Luckie (see icon)
Luckie continues to come up with new tricks all the time, plus hone her old ones. Some recent stuff:

  • Today I caught her in the toilet. Balanced on the rim, front paws in the bowl. She gave me a weird look, like I'd interrupted her. Toilet training herself? I checked the bowl, but no.

  • Continues to attack one of my dried rose bouqets, grabbing the flowers, then strewing dried petals all over the place. I'm going to have to switch out the bouqet, as half the flowers are missing now. What did the flowers ever do to her?

  • Every day I pull out the piano and there are 3-5 play mice under there. I put them in her snuggle bed. The next day they are back, chased there. Either that or those toy mice run there and hide.

  • Seems to be warming up more and more to being petted. Some cats don't need to learn this, but Luckie's different. She's always loved her head and ears rubbed, but now she will actually let me come up and pet her back. This is progress, believe it or not.

  • Saw an interesting thing on TV about Bengal cats, a wild-domestic cross, similar to Savannahs. Since she was a kitten, I've thought Luckie had Savannah blood or some type of mix with a wild cat, not far back. On the show, people were talking about how Bengals, even four generations down from the wild blood, don't have the same temperment as regular domestics, being more aloof about affection, less snuggly, and wanting to be in control all the time. That is SO Luckie!

Abbie & YinYang (Guinea Pigs)
Not too much new going on, although YinYang has been cracking me up by running up to the second floor of the cage to perform "sentry duty." Basically, she sees or hears me around and has to check to see if I'm about to bring something. And of course if I don't come over right away, she starts hollering... er, wheeking, that is. "Feeeeeeed me!"

Pell (Budgie/Parakeet)
Pell is just a happy, vocal little bird. She continues to seem much happier and relaxed since Cal died. And yells at Luckie, playing with her when she comes up to stare. Other news is that she's now eating pellets instead of seeds, which is great since it's so much cleaner (no seed hulls all over the floor), more nutritious, and means I don't have to change the food as often.