August 1st, 2006

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Update message of ill omen

So I get on my computer at like 8:45 and there's an alert saying I can do a super-duper upgrade of my beloved McAfee Security Center, and all its wonderful tools, for free. (I'm not being facetious, I really, really owe a lot to that security suite.) So I say OK and I swear, 4 hours later, I am still trying to get out of the mess it caused me. Something happened during the initial install, so it stalled, then I had to try reinstalling, then try again, then the suite wouldn't work at all, then my whole system started to get dragged down by it, my Outlook froze up, all this crap. I think I *might* be about to accomplish something here. I hope so. I want to go to bed.

Meanwhile? Aside from the hour I managed to work remotely, I've wasted my whole damn night on this. I came home from the gym so pumped up with energy for work, of COURSE this had to happen!