August 2nd, 2006

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Another night, another few more hours wasted trying to get McAfee going. Actually tonight was a bit better, as I managed to get a tech support person in chat, got some very detailed instructions on how to purge every last bit of McAfee out of my system so I can start over, and happily did so. Only to start the install over again and NOT HAVE IT WORK! Same damn thing as before. By the time I got to that point, it was midnight. Supposedly I was going to be able to log in to my McAfee account and there'd be a support ticket, but I can't locate it, despite searching all over the site, knowledge databases, etc. So I guess tomorrow I'm going to call or chat up McAfee again and say, "WTF?" I was so sure this thing would work tonight, but nope. Hey, but at least it's not 2 a.m. like it was LAST NIGHT when I finally gave up.

P.S. I actually really, really like my McAfee software, it's been fantastic at protecting my systems, keeping out spam, etc., but UGH! a simple decision to take a free upgrade should not result in all your security software disappearing and the inability to reinstall it!
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The current "Savage Love" has a f'in awesome quote:

It's only natural that your non-Catholic gay friends would be curious about how you reconcile your Catholicism with your Cocksuckism.

I love Dan. I emailed him once to tell him so, and why, and he wrote back. Aw.
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Yesterday I remembered an oldie-but-goodie:

A while back I was walking by the Georgia-Pacific Center, the HQ of Georgia-Pacific, huge paper goods company and maker of, among many products, Dixie Cups.

Next to the building there are three flagpoles which are raised and lowered every day. There's the American flag, the flag of the State of Georgia, and usually a flag with the company logo on it.

Well, on that day I looked up and the wind was blowing, making all the flags blow out beautifully. And one of them was a Dixie Cup flag. I thought, "Hmmm, I wonder if there's a United Federation of Dixie Cups? And when they're in the Disposable Tableware Olympics, how do they do in the long jump?"
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Project Won't Runway

I'm missing Project Runway so I can have an online support session with McAfee :( How f'in unglamorous.

Update -- 12:27 a.m. And I am STILL with McAfee. Actually I had a chat session, then did not receive an email they promised to send. Then had to get in line for a second chat session. It took an hour to get to number one. Now I'm getting help. I hope.

Update - 12:42 a.m. So the tech person insisted I go into my registry and delete McAfee entries, even though I did that last night, and did lots of other stuff, and it didn't fix the problem. I'm told it "will" fix it but I doubt it. And I'm not going to try at almost 1 a.m. Not staying up 'til past 2 waiting to see if it worked. Tomorrow I guess.

Now I see the resemblence!

As soon as Caleb and I found Luckie, we thought perhaps she was not an ordinary tabby, as far as breed goes, but maybe some kind of cross-breed. She has gigantic ears, wildcat spots on her tummy, pointy little face, etc. After doing a lot of research online, I concluded she likely was a Savannah, or the result of a tabby and Savannah mix on the streets of Atlanta. I was so excited and went to some online communities and posted (with pictures), only to be told "Oh, no, she can't be a Savannah -- nobody would ever have abandoned one on the street!" Savannahs can cost like $2000 if you get one from a breeder. They did admit she kind of looked like one but claimed she just had an unusual pattern.

Anyway, I say HUMPH to all that. I was just going through old LJ entries and found this link to a slide show showing Savannahs: Sugar Gallery. Excuse me, but that IS Luckie, now that she's all grown up. That can't be a coincidence, she looks way too similar and she does NOT look like the average cat. The only thing that makes her really odd for a Savannah is that she's small -- under 10 lbs. for sure -- although I've also read numerous places that Savannahs take three years to mature... at which point they can be like 18 lbs. Of course her growth could've stunted by living on the streets! As for how such a cat wound up on the streets, some rich person over at Centennial Park West could've had a cat that got out and mated with a tabby. Or just escape. Or they could have abandoned the cat/s. Rich people can be assholes too.

African Serval cat with a young Savannah cat (which are bred by taking Serval + domestic) --
and that little cat is Luckie... or at least looks a lot like her!
(AND that's my couch, except mine is dark red amd this one has no cushions)

From now on I'm just saying she's a Savannah because hey, if it looks like a duck and quacks like a duck, it doens't matter if the duck doesn't have an official pedigree.