August 3rd, 2006

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Bits and pieces

McAfee has me on hold. I'm actualy in another online chat session with a tech and was put on hold. On hold? For a chat session? Sad but true. The good news is that I think my words have inspired pity and they are going to escalate me or something. I certainly hope so, I can't spend the rest of my nights talking to stupid techs!


Found Luckie with her paws in the toilet again. No idea what that's about.

Got Testament of Dr. Mabuse from Netflix yesterday. Started watching it today. Great film and yeah, I understand why it got banned and why Fritz Lang had to get the hell out of Germany afterward. Interestingly, the next movie in my queue is Triumph of the Will. Me and my penchant for those light movies, you know...

My neighbor Gerry who recently lost his wife has asked me to help him clip his cats' claws. He can't do it alone and since I am now "the animal lady" in the neighborhood, he's come for help.

After reading Mary Renault's excellent Mask of Apollo, I'm now reading the Oedpius Cycle by Sophocles. I read the first and last plays in the trilogy back in grade school but never the middle one. I quite like the whole series. Next up I'm going to reread Satyricon.

(McAfee update: The tech just transferred me to a supervisor. Saying this is my fourth night at this must have struck the tech as rather pathetic.)

I've been feeling rather depressed lately and doing stuff I do when I'm depressed, like ignore mail and stuff. At least I'm not eating bad and I'm still exercising. And the house is relatively clean!

I'm about to report a seller to eBay after I paid and a month later haven't got the goods. Another dealer I bought the same thing from at the same time sent hers straight away and I got it. What pisses me off is that I've contacted the seller three times asking if it's shipped or what the problem is and have no response. Are they dead? Or what?

(McAfee update: Wow, I can tell this is the supervisor, his questions are actually intelligent and don't sound like they're generated by a computer!)

Caleb and Daniel agree that my shoulders are all buff. They came over tonight and I showed them.

The boys are going to see The Descent tomorrow night. I refused, because it's from the makers of Saw. Ugh. I can't take it!

(McAfee update: Hmmm. If this guy tells me to another manual uninstall, which I've done twice already, I'm going to scream.)
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