August 4th, 2006

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I can hardly believe it...

...but I've managed to get McAfee back, thanks to McAfee Tech Suppor Supervisor Sanjeev Dutt, who finally gave me a fix that actually WORKED. The trick? Booting up Windows in Safe Mode with Networking, then doing the download and install. Apparently in regular mode there was some software or glitch or something blocking the install from completing.

Meanwhile I had to spend FOUR NIGHTS STRAIGHT fixing this. I believe I spent a total of around 16 hours on this. I think around 3 hours of it was just waiting to be connected to online support chat, because you can't get phone support unless you pay $60 per incident and there's no email support. Man oh man...
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Family News

Two bits of family news to report:

Dad - Medical Woes

Another medical scare for Dad -- Tuesday and then again tonight. He went in for his regular dialysis treatment Tuesday afternoon and as usual, was all wrapped up in blankets, sweater, hats, etc. because the room is way too cold (overactive AC) and since you don't move at all during it, he winds up freezing. Despite this, however, at the end of the session he was super cold, shivering, with the chills. This had happened before, but Mom had it checked out anyway. The nurses said his temp was fine and to watch him -- and go to Emergency if a fever developed. Well, Mom goes home and when they get to the house, Dad is so weak she practically has to carry him inside. He had a 103 fever all of a sudden! So Mom calls the hospital and they say go to Emergency. Mom told them she couldn't get Dad to the car without assistance, so they advised calling an ambulance out to Lawrence, which she did. Anyway, long story short, they gave him Tylenol or something and his fever went down and he was OK again. Mom and Dad were in Emergency 'til 5 a.m. and then went home.

They slept most of Wednesday and then today, went back to dialysis. And the same damn thing happened! My sister Nancy emailed everybody saying Mom is really down about this and I'm sure Dad is too. Nancy says Dad is going to some hospital in Boston tomorrow because the problem is he's got some sort of infection, maybe in his sick kidneys, that keeps flaring up during and after dialysis. She's also going to get him a new kidney doctor, because apparently this has been an issue for a while and he's not helping. I know she didn't seem to keen on the doctor back when Dad was in the hospital. I say, you're in Massachusetts, not like there's not a big selection of kidney or any other medical specialist!

Ian - Mugged

Mom called me last night to update me on the whole Dad thing and talk, and she mentioned that my 18-year-old nephew got mugged the other day. He was walking home at 11 at night after visiting some girl when this young kid came up and started talking to him. Turns out the kid was a decoy, because shortly thereafter like 5 teens jumped him! I'm not sure if they did get his wallet or not, but there was a struggle. Ian got two black eyes and is understadably upset. According to him, the boys were classmates of his, although not anyone he was familiar with. They knew who he was, making remarks about Ian being a science geek and so on. That sucks so much :( Oh, and this was in Oberlin, Ohio, BTW.

On an up note, apparently Ian is now interested in city planning and related studies and is thinking about trying to get an internship here in Atlanta and maybe stay somewhere Downtown. (Mom says she doesn't expect I'd take him for a month or whatever, which is true.) Nancy wants to see if Caleb can offer some connections. How very odd how these things work out!


To further demonstrate why I'm pretty sure Luckie is a 4th or 5th generate Savannah cat, I went on all these galleries of Savannah pics and found lots of "twins." Here are a few of them!

LOL... I love when cats do this.
Coming home for lunch, I often find Luckie like this on the sofa.

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I'm sure I've posted enough pics of Luckie that even those of you who haven't met her in person (most of you) will see the resemblence right off.
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McF*ckme: The Sequel

Because I'm a glutton for punishment, I'm waiting to talk to a McAfee tech again. Actually, the reason I'm in the queue again is that now that I finally got the thing installed, it's barely working. The main program is almost completely non-resonsive, I can't activate a virus scan or get SpamKiller to work either. I think the network protection is working, but since I can't access any of the software interfaces, it's kind of sketchy. The only thing I know for sure is working is the SiteAdvisor browser plug-in, which is pretty cool actually -- I can see what sites are problematic, untrustworthy, see site ratings, etc. But the whole rest of the software suite seems to do nothing but slow down my computer, freeze it up, and generally act like a 1000-lb. hog. And if they tell me to just try reinstalling it, I am so uninstalling and going to Norton or something. Jeez Louise!