August 5th, 2006

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Fitness Nut

OK, the title is facetious, as I'm not a fitness nut, but I certainly have been doing the fitness thing. And what's more odd, at least as I see it, is the more I do it, the more into it I am. I'm doing stuff I never imagined I would enjoy -- like running and lifting weights!

Tonight I went in to the gym to do a workout on my own. I intended to do mostly cardio but wound up mixing in stretching and weights and strength-training. To warm up, I did crunches, stretches, jump rope, weight bar, dumbells, push-ups, and medicine ball. Then I wanted to do a little weight-training, so I used this amazing free squat machine and then this rowing machine, just because it looked intriguing. After that I felt pretty well warmed up, so I went over to a treadmill thinking I'd do five minutes. Well, it went so well I ended up jogging for over a mile! I could've done two miles, but the gym closes an hour early on Fridays so I decided one was enough. It's very odd I could jog that far, because that amount used to just kill me. Nonetheless, I did it and then went on the eliptical ramp thing I like so much. I went kind of nuts on that. Great workout.
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Outsmarting McAfee Tech Folk

Well, a whole week spent dealing with them taught me something: Unless the person is a supervisor, DON'T BELIEVE THEM! So when I had a tech tell me to uninstall the software I had spent four days getting installed, and then try again, my brain went, "Hmmm, is there anything I can try FIRST?" Prior to the support session, I had run McAfee's Virtual Technician program, which dianosed the software as having at least one problem, a "COM error" in Security Center. It fixed the problem but I hadn't rebooted since. "Why not try this out?" So I restarted, clicked on McAfee and AT LAST everything is working just as it should, computer is zipping along, I can get to my mail, run virus scans. In short: Yay.

EDIT: Ooh, and this software actually WORKS. And works better than the old one. I configured stuff and tested it out and it does thing the old version never did right. I won't say the hassle was worth it but yay.
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Piggy Neglect on a Mass Scale

I watch animals rescue shows several times a week (Animal Planet has shows based in San Francisco, Phoenix, Houston, Detroit, Miama and New York) and this is up there with the most disgusting cases I have ever seen on one of those shows. Unbelievable. And there are PICTURES.

Link to post in guinea_pigs community

The piture showing a TABLE of dead piggies makes me want to puke.

As I frequently yell at the TV during aforementioned animal rescue shows, "What the fuck is WRONG with people!?"
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This won't fit -- wait, it does!

Went shopping at Atlantic Station today and while in Banana Rebublic (yeah, happens to the best of us), spotted a gorgeous skirt unlike anything in my closet. The biggest size they had was a 14 but I tried it on anyway -- and it fit. I don't remember the last time I bought anything in a 14. If a 16 fits, I'm pleased. So I guess maybe my weight IS redistributing, even if the number isn't going down? Because I really doubt BR has messed with the sizes -- everything is always small there. So... yay!

On a related note, I was at a big neighborhood party tonight, Susan's annual "import party" and this neighbor and fellow gym member was saying how he's noticed how much I've been going and how hard I've been working. He goes at least as much as I do, because he works right next door, and he says most people don't go as often as I do or look half as serious. (Exercise is one of those rare things that force me to be entirely serious.) I feel good about that and now I want to go in tomorrow. Which I should, seeing as I ate a few things I probably sholdn't have, and too much, tonight. And had a beer and some cream marula.