August 6th, 2006


The Evil Beep

Today I slept 'til 10:30. Without waking up beforehand at all. Finally I woke up, hearing some sound coming from the kitchen. I got up to see Caleb coming in the door. "Why are you still asleep?" he asks. I realize then that Luckie hasn't been bugging me. And I have no idea where she is. So Caleb and I proceed to call her and search the whole apartment. Finally I look in the one place she's hidden before when she was freaked out, which is between my bed and the spare mattress I keep under it. She looks totally petrified and it takes five minutes and a food bribe to get her out. When she does get out, she's all paranoid, like she thinks something is out to get her. Caleb and I are wondering about this when we hear a beep. And then a minute later, another one. "What was that?" Every time it goes off Luckie gets all freaked out. So we hunt for it. We eliminate several possiblities, including the in-house security system in th wall, which I never activitated. The beep sounds again and I whirl around and see my pocketbook on the counter. Finally it dawns on me that the sound is coming from my mobile, which must be out of battery charge. It always make this stupid beep, and for some reason, Luckie thinks the beep is pure evil. So I plugged my phone into the charger and all was well again.
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Dad's been switched to another hospital in Boston, Beth Israel Deaconess. If I weren't sure all my siblings were calling and staying on top of things AND that my mom is surely too exhausted for yet more phone calls, I'd find out more. Mom emailed and said she'd let me know more. But didn't give me any info. Gah.