August 7th, 2006

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Alien Nation

A week after getting it, I started watching the full Alien Nation series on DVD. Whoo hoo! That was my FAVORITE new TV show in high school, bar none. Too bad it only lasted 21 episodes. I was SO into it. In fact, watching the pilot and the first two episodes today, I was astonished by how well I remembered the opening music (esp. Gary Graham's screaming the car) and other key details, even if I didn't remember the exact episodes. (I think I saw most of them but I missed a few early ones probably.) Best of all, I still REALLY like the show. It's a cop buddy show, only with an alien SF thing going on, plus angles on things like prejudice, corruption, slavery, stereotypes, etc. (The Wikipedia article poopoos it and says it was just all a thinly disguised moralty play, but hell, sometimes there's nothing wrong with that.) There's also excellent character development and light bits of humor tossed in throughout. I look forward to enjoying all the rest of the adventures of Matt Sikes and George Francisco.

Oh, and trivia I just learned: Gary Graham played a recurring character -- a Vulcan, of all things -- on Star Trek: TNG. I have to think that character was a BIT different than Det. Sikes.
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Peace, Love and Joy

Years ago when Caleb and I lived together, we had a nightly ritual called Peace, Love and Joy -- or PLJ ("Pledge") for short. We'd lie in bed (usually his, as I would tuck him in*) and go back and forth naming all the good things that day. This could include things we'd seen, accomplishments at work, yummy food we'd eaten, etc.

Anyway, to get this week started on the right track, I thought I'd start out with some positivity and list out the PLJ moments of this weekend:

  • Very nice breakfast at Alon's with the boys plus a new friend, Kyle.

  • Caleb and I went up to Atlantic Station and did some shopping. Aside from the time we spent at DSW, which I as usual hated (too bright, smells bad, no shoes in my size), it was a productive, fun trip. At Express, all the styles have turned much nicer, darker, and there was a live DJ.

  • Made a lovely trifle (literally, a trifle as in the English dessert) for the annual Import Party over at 123 Luckie.

  • The Import Party was awesome, for many reasons. Live band (Monkey Butlers), food from around the world, nice alcohol (I discovered marula cream), lots of people I knew, and I had on a kick-ass outfit.

  • I slept nice and late today.

  • Caleb and I went out for a short bike ride this afternoon. I got oregano and lemon thyme plants, plus pots, which are now in the window. They smell nice and I can use them in my cooking. Re the bike ride, it was SO easy, no doubt due to all my exercise. The only bad thing is that any time we'd STOP, we'd roast and sweat, because it's still, well, August.

  • Managed to clean the main room, pay bills, enter receipts, issue invoices, and take care of other such business I had on my To Do list.

  • Watched 3 espidoes of Alien Nation.

  • Ordered 5-6 books off ABE, all for really cheap. Because books are like potato chips...

* Yeah, yeah, I know...
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Yet another crazy Metro Girl email

Is Metro Girl the name of a mobile ringtone or game? Because I keep getting emails like this through my web site. Of course, not all of them claim to be fifth graders, even if most of them write below fifth grade...

Subject: whats up?

Name: Destiny


Phone: (---) 682-2352

Message: hey....whats up?...........well i have not talked to you befor!.......but i hope you talk back to me......i started school today...yeah im in fifth grade!......its sooo cool!.....but do i find your games i wanna play something im bored?..........well answer my questions please!
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Caleb suffers for his art

Caleb called me after work today -- "after work" meaning around 10. I admit that I had to laugh at what happened to him, only because it was such a spectacular example of Murphy's Law:

Caleb's Inferno
Caleb goes out to run a public meeting and the lack of AC isn't the only problem!

Oh, and the funniest image out of this: Caleb running a community meeting in his undershirt.

P.S. I want to say my mood is "amused" but I won't, for Caleb's sake.
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