August 9th, 2006

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Overheard Atlanta

I've been thinking of starting up an "Overheard Atlanta" community. Meanwhile, here is the sort of post:

Street Guy: Heyehehehehehe...
Guy Lighting Cigarette: ...
Street Guy: Heyehehehehehe!
Guy Lighting Cigarette: ?
Street Guy: Hey, you're gonna light the wrong end!
Guy Lighting Cigarette: Uh-oops! Hey, thanks man.
Street Guy: Spare one for me?

- Corner of Luckie & Cone

Overheard by Me
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"Win, Lose or Withdraw"

OMG, why don't I ever watch Jon Stewart? I only see him in clips like this:

"Win, Lose or Withdraw" (link to page featuring it, not direct link to clip)

Featuring Cheney visited by "the ghosts of soundbytes past" with regard to "MessO'Potamia," Alberto Golzales having a "pregnant pause" and Condi saying she can't answer a question based on a "hypothetical."

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Cat bite (remember that?)

One of the two puncture wounds wound I got from Daniel's cat biting me still hasn't healed. Well, I should say that it's scabbed over finally, but it just seems sort of weird, like all hard around the wound. I wasn't a superficial wound, but an actual puncture wound. I treated it with a ton of hydrogen peroxide, alcohol and Bactine, cleaned it out several times to get rid of fluid, and it's not oozing but it just feels hard and there's still a little red circle around it. Caleb is worried and says I should go to the doctor since it's been like 3 weeks now. I'm not sure, but then again I heal very slowly*, so having a wound that long isn't especially unusual, though it hasn't gone back to normal.

* And yes, I have had this checked out. Doctor told me some people just take a long time to heal up from cuts, bruises, etc., even if they healthy and don't have diabetes or something. My legs are still covered with scabs and scratches from being bitten by mosquitoes two weeks ago. I also scar after very minor cuts.