August 10th, 2006

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8 Random Facts About Me

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1. When I was a kid, Oma (my grandmother) used to gives me dishes of sour cream and bars of cream cheese as snacks. I still think sour cream and cream cheese are among the tastiest substances going.

2. Buttermilk (something else Oma and Mom used to give me) makes me kind of drunk, because I like the taste so much it stimulates my pleasure centers and makes me silly. I have witnesses who've seen this happen.

3. My sisters and I all have a genetic abnormality in our pelvis, so that our leg sockets are tilted the wrong direction, so it's easy for us to do things like site with our legs in a "W" or put our toes in our armpits, but it's hard to sit cross-legged. I can actually bounce up and down across the floor with my legs in a "W." It's one of those stupid human tricks.

4. Speaking of stupid human tricks, I can play music on my teeth. I just tap my teeth and adjust my lips and tongue to adjust the notes. Somehow I know instictively how to get the notes right, in tune. I can play just about anything. When I first told Caleb this, he was like "What?" but then he heard it. All this talent and I can't wink.

5. If Mom hadn't gone with Wendy as my name, and I'd still been a girl, she was going to call me Gretchen. Ew. I mean, it's German, but still, ew. (Of course if I'd been a boy I can guarantee my name would've been William or Raymond, because my brother is Tom, Dad is Richard, and there aren't any other firstnames for Darling men.)

6. Over the past 13 years I've dyed my hair over 50 times. Mainly I've done various reds/coppers, plus blonds, and a couple of times (when I had a bob) black. I've never done my hair any shade of brown (my natural color is mousy brown), nor have I ever done any colors that were really unnatural, like purple, green, etc., not even in college. I used to use this color called "Balinesian Amythyst" that was pretty freaky, but it was basically just a purple copper color.

7. I find men with salt and pepper hair, even with women certain kinds of salt and pepper hair, very, very sexy.

8. I get nervous around people who are taller than I am. It's just so rare it kind of throws me off.
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Bummer on a mass scale

Today's news about the terror plot on the flights from the U.K. sucks.

Well, OK, obvious statement of the day...

But really, seeing as I've flown back and forth from London like 6-7 times, it does freak me out. Although I still plan to go in October, assuming I have a job and can afford said trip. Will I be scared of getting blown up? Yeah, probably. Will I be able to bring Storm her usual bottle of Bacardi Vanilla? Maybe not. And my bottle of apricot brandy? Unless I put it in my luggage, no.

Somebody at work was saying how they're never going anywhere on a plane again. I say fly now while there's still enough oil on earth to make jet flue and long-distance flights financially feasible. Plus, the furtherest I'd be willing to drive (or sit in a car, he he) is Charleston, and even that drive was too far. I took a plane to Savannah once and it was worth it to avoid being a car.

OK, ramble over.
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A few updates:

Mom emailed today saying he's back from the hospital. He was there 4-5 days. The doctors have prescribed that he gets antibiotics before he has dialysis, which is three days a week. It makes me nervous, all these antiobiotics, but he's fighting something nasty in his kidneys.

Today was good -- got a lot done. And my supervisor was out with one of her bad migraines, which for her sucked but for me gave me space to relax and stop worrying.

Fitness, Diet, etc.
Boot camp continues to be great. Class goes through the 23rd. Tonight I went in to the club on my own and did about an hour and a half of stuff, including the entire circuit weight training, which is a dozen different machines. Also did an eliptical, ran on the treadmill 3/4 of a mile, did ab exercises, jumped rope, and hefted a medicine ball. On the diet side of things, I've finally got myself drinking lots of water, by keeping a water bottle at my desk at work, and I think it's helping me lose weight. It went down two pounds, after not moving for weeks!

Currently Addicted to..
Alien Nation. Since this weekend I've watched 4 double-sided DVDs of it. Only 8 more episodes left! Love, love, love this show. Full review later, but for now, I have to say I still find Gary Graham weirdly attractive. He's NOT attractive (looks like Mick Jagger) and not my type, yet he IS.

Currently Reading...
Imajica by Clive Barker. I'm about 50 pages in and think it might get interested enough to make the *800* page length worth it, but I'm not sure. I think it's going to be very slow. Barker (never read him before) seems to like injecting a lot of seemingly pointless detail into things, which to me is just bloat. But I will give it a chance.

Upcoming Fun
The boys' new friend Kyle is having a party this weekend at his house in L5P and I got an invite. Party! With people my own age! Whoo hoo! I'm going to put together a cool outfit for sure. Hope there's good music so I can dance.

Metro Girl
Been getting kind of caught up. The dental site is in the middle of being launched and there isn't anything else huge pressing on me. Thank Heaven, because I need a break.