August 11th, 2006

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So I was thinking about what kind of job really suits me, and of course my mind wandered into thinking what jobs would NOT suit me.

10 jobs I am entirely unsuited for and/or would HATE doing:

1. Cop. (Stress.)
2. Lawyer. (Many levels of ick.)
3. Doctor, nurse, or anything medical. (Stress, bad hours, more stress.)
4. Soldier -- hell, anything whatsoever connected with the military. (Just NO.)
5. Stripper. (I just think I would suck at it.)
6. Gas station attendant. (I hate gas stations and you can also get held up.)
7. Mathematician. (Well, duh...)
8. Butcher. (Are there ANY vegetarian butchers?)
9. Anything in sales -- in person, on the phone, it all sucks.
10. Anything that's mostly phone work. (Hell.)

Random job that I would like: National Park Service Ranger. You get to talk, guide people around, be outside a lot, and wear a uniform without being in the military. I love army shorts.

And while I am up and at it, here's what the other members of my family do for a living:

Dad - retired mechanical engineer.
Mom - semi-retired computer instructor and IT worker.
Nancy - asst. professor of psychology.
Betty - software engineer.
Carolyn - software systems engineer.
Tom - high school social studies teacher.

So a family of geeks, um, except for my brother. I don't think he's nearly as geeky.