August 12th, 2006

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From thefridayfive - Character

It's late -- because my old pal Kristina called me up and we talked forever -- and this one is going to be hard, but let's see...

1) What was the bravest thing you have every done?

I quit my job to become self-employed.

2) Describe the meanest thing you have ever done.

Can't think of anything. Obviously I must've done some mean things, but I have a blind spot for them. I would say that almost anything I've done that was "mean" was not done on purpose.

3) Tell us about the nicest thing anything anyone has done for you.

I've been the recipient of a LOT of generosity, but off hand, I'd say: My sister Carolyn and her husband set me up with a credit card all through college and let me buy ALL my books on it, plus spend up to $50 a month. For four years. In total they gave me $5000, outright, just so I could get by without having to work myself to the bone for cash like they both did. It was also Carolyn who convinced my parents to let me go to Germany when I was 17 and had the chance. They weren't going to let me but she told them it would be good for me, which it was.

4) What was the most insane thing you have ever witnessed or done?

I've SEEN a lot of insane stuff, and DONE a lot too, but OK: The time I pour a glass of cold milk on my head, in the middle of a college caferia to snap myself out of a mood.

5) Describe the most "out of character" thing you secretly want to do.

Have sex, perhaps? *snicker*
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DVD player gettin' some use...

Appropos of nothing...

The Best 10 "New" (For Me) Movies I've Seen So Far This Year

Spirited Away
The Nomi Song
Cat People
Curse of the Cat People
The Crow
City of God
The Piano
Triumph of the Will

As you can see, I am a huge fan of light, happy movies. Out of that list, I think only Amarcord is pretty free of violence, depressing life circumstances, horror, etc. It's a Fellini movie but even for that it's pretty "normal."

I've also rewatched quite a few movies (Satyricon, LotR, Impromptu, etc.), but I figured obviously I like them or I wouldn't have rewatched.
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Nation'd Out

I just finished the last Alien Nation DVD. Now I'm like a kid bummed out because she ate all the ice cream. Although I have to say, the end is so sad. They did it as a cliffhanger, not knowing there'd never be a second season, and there's all this stuff up in the air -- Cathy & Matt's relationship, Matt & George's partnership (as detectives), Buck & his teacher's relationship (yep), and of course the whole bacteria-designed-to-exterminate-Newcomers plotline. I've read that after the series ended, there were a whole series of TV movies (presumedly on Fox) done, but I don't think these are on DVD. Maybe VHS? I will have to go trawl eBay, I bet. Anyway, I MUST see them. Wah. Alien Nation was one of Fox's earliest TV shows and its a shame they had to bag it.

EDIT: Thank you, eBay. I found the movies all as one set, a lot of 7 books, and *squee* the TV show soundtrack on cassette, still sealed. I loooooove that soundtrack!