August 13th, 2006

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Tonight's party at Kyle was lots o' fun. His house is awesome, plus haunted by THREE ghosts (Caleb scoped it out), there were interesting people, a dance party, I saw Angel (the hottest man in Atlanta, IMO), got hit on by this wicked cute Eastern European woman, and well, I got to be a houseful of actual people my age, or like 10 years younger. I've spent too much time at overly sedate parties. This was more like a keg party. In fact, there was a keg, which I had to get help with in order to get Caleb a beer, as I've never in my life touched a keg. I could've kept dancing way, way late, but the boys and I opted for the 12:45 bus.
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Kudzu, the new pet food

Caleb and I just went on a Sunday morning bike ride to L5P, and on the way back we picked some wild-growing plants at the side of a road, for the guinea pigs to eat. We got alfalfa, high grass, and kudzu -- just to try it out. Turns out, the piggies LOVE kudzu. They fought over it as they gobbled it up. Now THAT'S something that's not in short supply and it's ALWAYS free because you can't sell it or even grow it legally, I think. It's all the over the place though, on every vacant lot, taking over.
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Books on eBay

After going on a book-buying spree last week (all cheap on, I'm now selling off some.

In addition to Wraeththu: The Picture Book, which I've sold 5-6 of on eBay already (plus 100 via other means), I'm selling:

Wraeththu Mythos: Breeding Discontent (Wendy Darling and Bridgette Parker);
The Tao of Physics (Fritjof Capra);
Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance (Robert M. Pirsig);
The World Is Round (Nikky Finny); and
Rice (Nikky Finney).

Except for the Tao book, all are in as-new condition.

See my listings here if you're interested.

Meow's Least Favorite Things

Meow's Least Favorite Things
by LuckyLuckie

1. Strangers
2. Strangers try to touch me
3. Other cats
4. Those huge things that are kind of like cats but are loud and smell bad
5. Sound of rustling plastic
6. Any water except water in my bowl or coming from the faucet
7. Flea/tick/heartworm medication
8. Sneezes
9. The bird's cage is a fortress
10. When my human forgets to change my litter box

P.S. I will get my paws working on a list of favorite things soon.
P.P.S. I just thought of one more: When my human cleans up and takes away all the junk I like to play with, places to hide, and the piles of comfy clothes and sheets.