August 14th, 2006


Squeaky Cat

Even though Luckie is now grown up, she still squeaks like a kitten. I almost never hear a big, adult meow out of her, more like a squeaky, whiny sound. (Sometimes it even sounds more like she's talking, in baby talk. One day she's going to say "Mama" and I'm going to freak.) Anyway, it's sooooooooooo cute, I hope she keeps it forever. Like just now she ran over here and pounced on a pile of papers next to the desk. "Whatd'ya want?" I asked. "Mmmmew!" was the answer :) Maybe it's her voice that makes me think she's smaller than she is.

The only time she really gets an "adult" meow is if she's locked out of a room maybe, though she tends not to be too vocal about that, just waits patiently. Her other vocal activity is purring, which she does nearly non-stop, as far as I can tell. She also does this little "Whirrrr!" noise when she hops up on furniture. I wait for that sound every night, along with a soft thud on the mattress, about a minute after I shut out the light for good and put down my head on the pillow. I look over and see her walking up to the pillow next to my head. Then we say goodnight :)

Oh, and BTW, a week from now it will be a YEAR since Caleb and I found Luckie!