August 17th, 2006


Luckie, IN everything

It's often said that cats get into things. Well today Luckie is literally getting INTO things.

A couple hours ago I was in bed reading and she came up to the big pile of blanket next to me -- I don't make my bed -- and clawed her way underneath. You couldn't see she was even there, because it was just a lump in a lump. Of course she then poked her head out the side facing me, so there was just a little heart-shaped kitty face looking at me. Awwww...

Meanwhile right now, she's inside my desk. The desk is antique and there's no panel underneath the bottom drawer, so she can crawl up inside. She did this a lot when she was a little kitten, but occasionally she still does it. I think she's in the bottom drawer, squeezed in from the back, but I won't bother to find out. I just heard these weird creaks coming from down there.

And one more Luckie habit, while I'm at it:

Every time my phone rings and I answer it from the bed, Luckie runs over. I lie on the bed and talk -- 95% of the time to Caleb -- and Luckie gets right into the middle of it, saying "hello" over and over. I believe she got this habit because Caleb often says hello or sings to her, sometimes on speakerphone, and she gets excited. If Caleb says something like "Luckie, what do you say?" she will meow back. Which is better than some toddlers. He he. Think I should get her a toy phone?