August 19th, 2006

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Today and Tomorrow


Had a nice, mostly lazy, Saturday. In the morning I got up and read Imajica, inching towards the end, and then Caleb and I biked up to Star Provisions for breakfast. Ooh la la, I think we may be going there every week instead of Alon's. Mmmmm, mmmm good! Besides breakfast I spent $40 on various edibles and non-edibles inside, including amazing goat cheese, cranberry all-fruit, rosemary jelly, and more.

On the way back Caleb suggested we stop by the humane society so he could finally see the cat & kitten room. He fell in love with two black cats, one a giant, 6-year-old boy named Peacekin, the other a 6-month-old girl named Blanca. He was reallllly into Peacekin, but as usual he cited various reasons why he couldn't get him, mostly the fact he was really big and also that he obviously sheds. The little one was unacceptable because it didn't seem very alert. Oh, well. He will get a cat someday!

Back home I read some more, had a nap, and then the boys invited me out to dinner at Spoon, one of my favorite restaurants, a cool little Thai place up Marietta Street. Daniel paid for me, at least part of his birthday gift.

Home again, I finished off Imajica. Great ending, although I admit I was very disapointed to see a major reunion scene shown only from a distance. It's THE love story of the book, WTF isn't it SHOWN? Meanwhile I must say that Clive Barker really does toss a LOT of alternative sexuality into this book, and NOT in a cheesy, offensive, "off" or exploitative way either, but very deftly and comfortable.

At some point Caleb visited and we played with Luckie. I played some rounds of Alchemy and now the boys are coming over, to do what I have no idea.


There's going to be some sort of birthday gathering here at my place, around 4. I don't know the details, only that Caleb had me call Amanda to come visit around that time, and stressed that I'm not to do anything as regards a cake. So there will be cake and friends and I presume presents, though the boys both say they have no idea what to get me. I don't think I'm at all hard to buy for, but hey, it's all subjective.