August 20th, 2006

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I'm very disappointed in CNN for this headline:

Rapper Rhymes busted, charged with assault

I mean, is that the BEST they could do?!

BBC, predictably, did better, going for the obvious Busta Rhymes busted
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Overheard Atlanta

Another entry:

Guy #1: So what's Doraville [the last station on the NE line] like?
Guy #2: ...
Guy #1: I mean, is it a suburb?
Guy #2: Yeah, yeah, it is...
Guy #1: OK.
Guy #2: But it's not a normal one, because it's got a lot of Mexicans and immigrants. It's a near-in, run-down suburb.

- Platform, Peachtree Center MARTA station.

Overhead by Me, who was there wishing some Doraville resident would come deck Guy #2.
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Birthday Goodness!

While my actual birthday is Tuesday, because Caleb has a night meeting that day, the party was today. And how lovely it was!

Caleb went all OUT with his contribution, namely super yummy food made just for me!

He totally surprised me by baking a German spice cake from scratch, including dark chocolate frosting and bits of black licorce melted down inside. He doesn't even like that sort of cake -- tastes like Lebkuchen, with cloves, cinnamon, cardamon -- but he did SUCH a good job on it and put SUCH effort into it! He had to borrow some ingredients from me and then wound up having to drive up to Marietta to get the sort of licorice the recipes required. In the end it was delicious and he had two slices himself, as apparently it went well with tea.

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As if that wasn't enough, Caleb also took up a requet of mine from SEVERAL months ago that I'd forgotton: a pint of custom-made licorice gelato from Paulo's in Virginia-Highland! Some months ago we were there and asked about licorice gelato and Paulo said they could make any flavor custom, with an advance order. Oh, man, was it good! I don't think Amanda or the boys liked it, but hey, big surprise there. I only had a small dish so now I have the rest for later. I've promised to exercise restraint :)

So there was the food, which was great... but there's more!

More, as in, Amanda came down for it and got me a bag of little gifts I really liked, including a magnet saying "Housework is evil. It must be stopped." Also: candy cigarettes, After Last Supper Mints, and a plastic state of St. Gertrude, Patron Saint of Cats. Amanda also brought brought along some videos, including a DVD with 4 different B horror movies on it. After the birthday dish, we wound up watching Carnival of Souls. I only actually saw half of it, as I decided to make dinner for everybody. I had pretty much all the fixins for vegetarian shepherd's pie, so I made it, and everybody liked it. Finally when the movie and food was over, we watched some footage off my 1939 World Fair set. There was a lot of nudity there, tee hee!