August 24th, 2006

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Since finding out about my job, I've had zillions of thoughts about stuff I can do now, at least in the immediate, now that I will be jobless. There's tons of Metro Girl work, Immanion Press work, the next edition of Inception, and then non work stuff like more time to work out, etc. And then another thought: I should go fly up and visit my parents for 4 days or something. A trip up to Boston is something I can afford. And I'm very aware I only have two parents and they won't be around forever, that's for darn sure. I'm going to check Airtran now... and yup, it'll only be like $250 including taxes etc. And not like I have any real expenses once I'm there. I will see about that in the next few days. I'll go a week after Labor Day / Dracon*Con, like a Thursday through Monday or Tuesday, so I won't miss too many days for interviews.
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Made it through the night

Not surprisingly, I didn't sleep very well last night. Not because I was upset per se, but because I was all hyped up from thinking about today, the future, etc. Thoughts racing like crazy. I was so restless, too. Wound up on the couch, where I had crazy, crazy dreams. Happily I did not wake with a headache like I did yesterday. Today is going to be enough without that!
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Good vibes

So last night I got a glass of kick-ass wine gratis at Fleurs de Lis.

Today for lunch I went to Baraonda and after talking with the manager, who has a sweet spot for me, along with my exquisite meal, I got a free glass of wine AND a free dish of pistachio gelato.

I don't tip especially well but restaurant servers, chefs and managers seem to love me. I think it's because I rave about the food, show appreciation for service and don't treat people like servants.

Meow can I help you?

Luckie now answers the phone. If it rings and I pick it up in the bedroom, she leaps onto the bed and starts "talking" to the phone. I should never have put Caleb on speakerphone saying hi. Now she thinks it's going to happen every time.
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I think the stress, plus last night's lack of sleep, has finally gotten to me. The boys took me out for Chinese and afterward we were all exhausted and hung out for a bit at Caleb's. When I got home, it felt to me like 1 a.m., but it was 9 on the dot. Since then I've managed not to nod off during my job searching and sessions of Alchemy, but just barely. So even though it's not even 11, I'm going to be.

Tomorrow the cat will wake me up on time for "work" and I may get up, but not for work. I want to go to the gym in the morning. After that Caleb mentioned he might see about having lunch with me. In the afternoon I'll be sending out job feelers with contacts and applying for 5-6 jobs I've found.