August 25th, 2006

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Comesin Two

Two Names You Go By:
1.) Wendy
2.) Wiebke

Two Parts of Your Heritage:
1.) German
2.) WASP

Two Things You Are Wearing Right Now:
1.) Black Euro-style sandals
2.) Black t-shirt

Two Things You Would Want in a Relationship:
1.) Personal time and space
2.) No heckling me over housework

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Good Things!

Today was so good! It was like the first day of summer vacation or something, getting free after a whole month of job stress and five months of no weekdays off except for Memorial Day and 4th of July. So great a day, I must document the wonderfulness!

Had a fab workout this morning. I feel I'm getting SUPER fit all of a sudden. After several kinds of warm-ups and some balancing work, played basketball for 20 minutes or so, then went to the indoor track and ran a mile, non-stop. Finally I went 25-minutes on the cross-training ramp eliptical and had a very nice chat with my neighbor Kevin about the job situation as well as exercise and its ameliorating effect on stress.

Lunch w/Caleb
Right as I was leaving the gym (having showered, thankfully) Caleb called me about going to lunch and so I headed up to his office in Midtown. I hadn't been there since May when the office first moved, so it was nice to see how it is now. I was probably there an hour before we actually went to lunch, because Caleb is so indispensable. I didn't have anywhere to BE, however, so I waited and eventually we had a great lunch at Wolfgang Puck Express. I had ravioli with squash sauce! We walked back to his office, and even though it was hot it was a nice walk.

After a second visit to Caleb's office, I went home and was told I had a package. The return address is "Licorice International" or something, so I get immediately excited. This was the birthday present Caleb ordered that didn't come on time. I knew there was something else coming but ooooooh, licorice! I opened it up and found 1/2 lbs. of licorice coins, 1/2 lb. of DZ (super strong licorice pellets), a 1/2 lb. of licorice coffee (gotta try it!) and then a little pack of licorice caramels, a free gift. This was a GREAT gift! Caleb also got me licorice gelato and baked a German cake that had melted down licorice in it, so overall the entire package of LICORICE was fantastic. You can't go wrong with licorice...

Around 6:30 Caleb and I dropped by the downtown Happy Hour, but the location wasn't doing anything for us and there wasn't any free food, so we sauntered on over to Sops, a new restaurant in the neighborhood, and had another fab dinner. I'd been there once before and was super impressed. It was divine! The appetizer was this sort of pancake made out of angelhair pasta, with LOBSTER chunks on top. Our entress were great, too. Caleb had seared tilapia and I had crab cakes. It was all sooooo pretty and delcious, plus reasonably priced.

Job Search
Back at home, I started to organize my job search. I've collected probably 15 jobs to apply for, sent them all to myself to keep in an email folder, and I will apply for them either Sunday or Monday, or both, depending on how many I get through. Have found some really good opportunities so far, including not just web designer jobs like I've had before, but some web content writing jobs as well. The job market for what I do seems really good, thankfully.