August 26th, 2006

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Workshop and Big Daddy

Today from 8 to 2 I helped out with a community meeting that's part of a study Caleb's company is leading. The neighborhood they're looking at is West Lake, a long-standing community a couple miles southwest of Downtown that's lower and middle class, with some very nice and some very ghetto parts, and is something like 98 percent black.

From 8 to 9 was set-up, then there were introductions and presentations (mostly from Caleb, the project leader) and then from 10 to 12 we broke out into several groups, sitting at tables with study maps with semi-transparent paper on top, so each group could make notes on future changes, problem intersections, etc. Rebekah, one of Caleb's co-workers, facilitated a table with me and it was lots of fun. I've gone to these community meetings before but never had to faciliate a table, as usually I end up doing support stuff like making sure the cookies and soda are in stock, telling people where the bathroom is, etc. So I helped the group work through the map, marking land use, environment, and transportation issues, and after a brief lunch, our group and every other group got up and presented to the group.

Oh, and meanwhile I took pictures of the goings-on, people looking at maps, presenting, etc. Which leads me to the following pic, which I took after most people had left and there were just a few stragglers, including "Big Daddy."

Caleb is 5'9", about 140 lbs. He looked like a Hobbit!
Hell, even I looked like a Hobbit next to him!