August 27th, 2006

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Ow ow ow ow ow!

So Caleb saw my hairy inner thighs and joked how I could go wax them. Then he brought out a home waxing kit he'd try using on his back a while ago. I said OK and decided to try it out. Ummmmmm... MISTAKE. I don't know if it's my skin or my tendency to bruise really easily, but in just a couple of minutes I managed to give myself a 1"x3" dark purple bruise with hideous red spots. I thought it had actually pulled my skin off, but really I think what happened is my skinned pulled away from the under layer and basically all the blood vessels popped. The blood vessels in my skin tend to pop really easily but this is really icky looking and it happened in just a second. Maybe wasn't holding the skin tight enough, who knows, but in any case I stopped and am going to throw out the kit, because I don't want my entire inner thighs to be bruised black -- just looks kinda bad ;)

UPDATE, 12:03 a.m.: The color has lightened up a bit, so it's a slightly lighter purple now. Looks like a GIANT hickey. In my inner thigh. Great. I'm so glad I didn't try and wax some body part that's actually visible!
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That Cat Bite

Well, that damn cat bite on my calf STILL hasn't healed, after like 5 weeks. I'm a slow healer, but this is ridiculous, and concerns me a bit. Caleb told me to go in to the doctor as soon as he got back from Vermont and saw it, but I thought it would heal eventually. I treated it with hydrogen peroxide, alcohol, Bactine, Q-tips, and ice packs, and while it IS a lot better, it definitely isn't gone. It seems like while the entry wound is scabbing over and healing, the whole area is hard, like there's some sort of cyst or other lovely infection type thing going on. There's still a ring around the wound, too :( So now I think I'm going to my doctor, who will probably have to lance it open and lecture me about how any type of animal bite is dangerous, even ones from fluffy indoor cats like Pugsley.