August 29th, 2006

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Dark clouds linger...

I continue to have a nagging feeling of a depression, that same I'm-going-to-cry feeling I had for months before I went on medication. Not as bad as that, but very similar. I also find I just don't want to do things, simple things, and would rather just lie in bed reading. Some sort of reaction to the job thing, I guess. Plus not like I've had any leisure the past six months, the job was so go-go-go. Fortunately I am managing to do a few essential things, so not like my life is falling apart. But still, I hope I bounce out of this.

Princess Luckie

Luckie is such a little lovemuffin it borders on parody. What makes this even funnier is that she is not a lovemuffin with anybody but me. People like Caleb has to take my word on it, because she isn't the pet-me-love-me-smother-me-with-love type of cat, at least not with strangers. But with me, she's like a doting nanny or I guess an imprinted duckling. I think "imprinted" is key here, actually, because she's been fixated on me ever since I picked it up off the street. She likes Caleb a little bit, and he was with me at the time. Other people are just not Luckie's cup of tea.

So lately? Monday morning she bounded up into my bed at 8 a.m. on the dot, woke me up, yapped at me, and finally, went and pulled up the shades. For the window on the left and the right. Devil! Meanwhle, if I leave for more than four hours and come back, she will jump on me, sniff me all over and make squeaky sounds, rather like "Where were you? Why do you smell like that? Are you seeing somebody else?" LOL. When I find her lounging on the sofa or the bed, I can come up and pet her and rub her like you can most cats. But nobody else can, because they're not me, and she wouldn't allow it.
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Job Hunt Update 2

Today I applied for about 4 different jobs, including one that sounds totally doable, working for Storehouse, the furniture store chain, on their web site. I also got calls from 2-3 recruiters who'd located my now-active resume on Recruiters are always so surreal -- you have to be able to tell them exactly what you want to do and have done, in like 30 seconds -- but I managed OK. I also located yet more jobs to apply for, so by the time Kristina shows up Thursday -- YAY! -- and Dragon*Con starts up Friday, I will have done my duty and applied for probably a dozen jobs and got my info to half a dozen recruiters or agencies.

Meanwhile, got started building out the THIRD iteration of a web site I'm doing for a transportation firm. Big contract. I want to get it done ASAP so I can get paid. The contract is worth enough it would remove money woes for like two months. So getting it done? Important.
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