August 31st, 2006

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F'in Mosquitoes!

About a week ago I went out with Caleb for a walk around the neighborhood and stopped to pick some kudzu for the the guinea pigs. We only stopped a couple of minutes. Afterward I noticed I was itchy, like I'd been bit by something or other, but I was only standing there picking leaves for a couple of minutes so I didn't think much of it.

Well, typical TYPICAL, I now have 15 open, bleeding sores from the friggin' bug bites (mosquitoes, really no doubt) I got from two minutes I was there. All on my right leg. This is right where the cat bit is, so I totally looked mauled now. True, the reason the moquito bites are all infected and open is because I scratched them (to the point I rubbed my skin raw), but damn, it's the mosquitoes' damn fault I was itching in the first place.

Aside from providing food to some animals, mosquitoes are utterly useless and probably the species I hate more than any other on earth.

Oh, and whenever I watch anything on Animal Planet where somebody is in the woods or the jungle or in a National Park, all I can think is, "Ugh, they better have bug spray! The bugs'll eat them alive!" Because bugs love to eat me and I will often itch for a like a month afterward :(
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There's a SERIOUS thunderstorm passing through the city right now. Like Thor is ON TOP of my building! The glass in my windows is quaking. This happened last week too. We're still in a drought, but Southern thunderstorms do still assault us now and then. Go, Thor, go!