September 2nd, 2006

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D*C update

It's too late to make a big report or anything, but Kristina and I are having loads of fun at Dragon*Con. I was staff on two Gothic Shadows panels and the mod on another, on gothic fashion, which went very well, thanks to panelists and audience being awesome. Kristina and I did multiple costsume changes and looked awesome -- to the point where when we went to the diner next door together, the entire restaurant staff (male anyway) gave up all pretense of working so they could ogle us. I was waiting for one of the busboys to drop a glass or something. And all the Friday night cruisers were honking at us and saying stuff as we walked home.

Anyway, I can't type anymore. Luckie is still hiding, except for coming out to say hi if she thinks Kristina is far away. She hissed at Kristina right to her face tonight, while Kristina was lying down in the living room. Not sure what all the hate is about.