September 3rd, 2006

sideview, obamame_sideview

In the midst of a marvelous Dragon*Con

Kristina has just passed out on the guest mattress while watching Children of Dune. James McAvoy = Yummmmmmmm!

Morning outfits: Glitter! Fishnets! Glam make-up!

Cardboard Stormtroopers in the D*C Parade: We award thee blue ribbons.

Pimp Vader: What style!

Thank yous to the audience at the queer fantasy & scifi panel.

Kristina, Caleb and I in Decatur, just like we were back in college hanging out in Northampton. Raging Burrito, good as ever. Crazy new hot pink top, lace top. Cook's Warehouse had Caleb aquiver.

Peoplewatching... and more peoplewatching.

Costume-change: Kristina as post-apocalyptic trans sexworker, packing. Wendy in sexy Italian housedress and sandals.

Reading Mysteries magazine during Lovecraft panel.

Trek Trak "rainbow" party with disco, shirtless bears in kilts, friendly queers, a conga line, Trek Trak director letting it all hang out. Kristina, stripping off bits of her outfit for comfort, stretched out in the hallway. Black man vogueing.

Peoplewatching... and more of it. Jabba the Hutt attracting worshippers in the hall. Sea of people. Men on leashes. Women with blue skin. Superheroes.

Going home, through cruising cars filled with attendees of Black Gay Pride, also this weekend. Streetpeople complimenting what remained of Kristina's clothing.

Kitty being NICE. Got too lonely to be paranoid.

Me, going to be at 4...

Ah, it makes sense now!

Caleb called this morning and asked how Luckie was. I reported how she'd been all of a sudden nice, playful and sweet last night... and Caleb told me it was because he'd come over and given her lots of catnip. Aha! She had a valium, or the cat equiv. LOL.
sideview, obamame_sideview

D*C Day 3

I'm at home right now, taking a break from D*C, as I'm having that exhausted, feet tired, headachey, nauseous, over-stimulated, perhaps a little hung-over feeling. My plan is: aspirin, shower, nap, mindless TV, food, and having Kristina dress me up all post-Apocalyptic.

Oh, and I may post some pictures if I feel up to it. Right now my head just hurts too much.