September 6th, 2006

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Ugh. Woke up around 5:30 feeling cruddy and restless: sore throat, stuffed nose, super thirsty, eyes full of grit, compulsive throughts about what I'm going to do today, my ex-boss, D*C... An hour and a half later, still the same. I think my allergies are acting up, among other issues.
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Ring ring ring

So today my mother called, a neighbor called, and then my sister Carolyn called. Each convservation was like 30 minutes long. Yikes! For me, that's a LOT of talking on the phone. Meanwhile, when Carolyn called, I was so confused, because she sounds so much like ME, it was like I was calling myself. And I've been so out of it today, my brain couldn't deal.
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Help with fruit flies

Anybody know how to get rid of fruit flies? I've been plagued with them for a month now and this point they are REALLY bad, like SWARMS in the kitchen and guest bathroom. I've to make sure I don't leave dishes in the sink or on the counter, have blocked the drain so they can't breed or eat the food there, and I cleaned out the piggies' cage. I'm going to try and make sure no leftover vegies or fruit get left in their cage in future, but right now there are just zillions of flies, all roosting on the wall over the cage, swarming in the bathroom, etc., and it's just disgusting. The only solution I know is to take away their food source and hope to starve them out, but it's not happening so far.