September 8th, 2006


Still Sleepy

I don't know what it is, but I'm still so freakin' tired! Last night I took the advice/orders of cracicotus and dadi and did a hard work-out at the gym (which I would've done anyway!) and while I felt better afterward and all last night, today I woke up completely muzzy-headed. Through sheer willpower, I managed to get out before 10 and go shopping for all my pets, whose food has run low, but once I got back, I fell asleep. Somebody needs to install electric zappers on my couch and bed to keep me from lying down outside designated sleeping hours, because I'll sit down for just a second and crash out.

On a related note, I've got a doctor's appointment today. It's actually about that cat bite I got back in mid-July, which still hasn't healed right, but I will also tell him about a) how I've been working out 4x a week now and b) how I've been falling asleep all the time again. To me, lack of exercise doesn't seem like a fair explanation, because I've been working out for months now and it doesn't make me any more alert. And in the past couple of weeks since losing my job, I've been getting more sleep than I was when I had a job, so... makes me wonder!
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Let's not and say we did, Mr. President

So President Bush is going to address the nation on prime time on Sept. 11. I think I will have to miss it, because otherwise I may wind up bleeding or gushing other bodily fluids out all my orifices. I look forward to the day a presidential address doesn't fill me with dread.