September 10th, 2006

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Good customer service!

I just had one of those made-for-TV-commercials moments. Went in to CVS to get this prescription skin cream my doctor presribed to get rid of the last bit of inflamation left by the cat bite. My work insurance ran out a couple of days ago and while I have new insurance, I don't have the card or policy number yet, so I was going to have to pay for the cream out of pocket. I went to the pharmacist, who had the bad fortune to be the only one on staff in the whole pharmacy this afternoon, and told her the situation. She told me the cream came in a small version and a big version. The small would be only $11 but the large one, which is what I needed, was $45. I said to go ahead and get the big one. She promised to have it to me in 15 minutes. I was skeptical, because she was the only person on duty, handling new orders as well as the registers, but she indeed did have it ready in time. What's more, she'd found out there was a generic version of the cream, so it was only $17 for the big tube. Given the state of my bank account at the moment, I really appreciate it. And hopefully this cat bite will go away at long last!

The little furball

Today I noticed the pet comb and on a whim decided to go use it on Luckie. She barely sheds -- pretty much the only major cat hair is on "her" bedpillow -- so I don't really brush her. I mean, what's the need? Anyway, I go to comb her and to my surprise, hair comes out. So I get the grooming brush and go at it. The cat was in heaven, and meanwhile I got out three brushes full of hair, out of nowhere. Her fur is quite short and I've never seen it falling off her or looking matted, but I guess there was a lot of well-behaved but dead fur on her little body. She seemed very pleased about the grooming! Afterward her coat was soooooo glossy and wonderful to touch, like silk. I have to remember to brush her more often, especially since, unlike the guinea pigs, she actually likes it!