September 11th, 2006

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What should write?????

I am so stuck I'm doing a poll. Once I have some clue or direction, I will get to it!

Poll #818668 Writing

I have to write something for writer's group and I am so stuck on what to write/submit. What do YOU think I should work on?

First chapter of Wraeththu novella, edited and reworked
Story set in antiseptic future
Story for group carnvial anthology, probably something dark and/or scary
Something completely surreal
Some strange short story in the style of Storm
Story set in childhood
Something autobiographical

Any other suggestions or comments? I feel lame for asking but I can't decide!


Keeping the memorializing to myself, thanks

Haven't posted anything on the 9/11 anniversary because, frankly, I've avoided anything to do with it. Much as I would like to memorialize, just about any coverage in any media either feature Bush or presents other terrible reminders of the carnage suffered here and abroad since the attacks. At the gym today CNN was on (sound off, subtitles only) right in front of me but I wouldn't look at the screen. I would rather dwell on my own memories than have to face the aftermath. Even American flags just remind me of Bush and his infamy.

The "Frog" Horn

Going through my hard drive, I found this scan I did a couple of years, of something I wrote as a little kid. I think I posted it a couple of years ago, but aw, it's so cute I'm doing it again!

I guess that means I'm a metaphorical bumblebee?
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Fruit Fly Update

They are still around, alas.

Of course, I still haven't completely cleaned out the kitchen and living room area. I've done *some* substantial work to eliminate temptation from the critters, but they are still swarming over the piggies' cage and on the wall, and around the sink, even when it's empty and the drain is blocked.

For further creepiness, I've discovered where they all go at night. They hang out in a big horde on the ceiling, near the ceiling lamp. I'd smack them with a broom if I didn't mind spots on the perfect, white ceiling. And I don't want to smash the pretty light either.

Oh, and I put out some vinegar and there aren't any dead flies in it. Tried sucking them up in a Dustbuster, too, but I can only to get 1 or 2 before the whole bunch flies off.