September 13th, 2006


Smart Kitty

Luckie is a smart cat. In fact, sometimes she freaks me out with being so smart.

Check this out:

Luckie has been perfecting her "alarm clock" function. At first it involved simply jumping on the bed and meowing when I was not getting up after the alarm went off -- and coming back every time the snooze alarm failed to get me up.

That was pretty smart, but then she added to it by somehow figuring out how to pull up the blinds! I have heavy pull-down blinds and Luckie figured out that if she bats at them a lot, they will pull down a bit and then go up a foot or two. This is something she's seen me do in relation to getting up, so she started doing it herself. A couple of weeks ago she managed to open the blinds on both windows by my bed. I was like, "OK, Luckie, you win."

Then this past week, Luckie has figured out a brand new trick: If I don't get up when she wants me to, and attempts to meow me up don't work, she disappears. Then the bird starts squawking and I hear little mewing sounds. This prompts me to sit up and see what's going on in the birdcage. What I see is Luckie sitting on top of the cage, which is covered, staring at me, making mewing sounds, and Pell the bird going berserk, squawking because there's something on top of the cage and she wants to be uncovered because it's daylight. So Luckie is now using the bird to make more noise, to be a more effective alarm clock!

What's next? Luckie learns to open the fridge, which sets the guinea pigs to wheeking like crazy? Or will she figure out how to turn on the stereo? I mean... WTF?

Oh... and check this out too:

Luckie seems to have a growing English vocabulary. Here are some of the words and phrases she understands and responds to:

"Come here!"
"Whatdya's say?" (Answer: "Meow!")
"Whatd'ya want?" (Answer: "Meow!")
"Where's the red dot?" (Reaction: Complete paranoia as she looks for the laser pointer, which might not be on at all.)
"Want a treat?"

Last night I put out a dish of wet food for her and as usual, she was ignoring it at first and staring at me. So I said, "Hey, why don't you go eat that food?" And she got up and ate it.

Obviously some of this has to do with tone of voice, but hell, it's still pretty cool.
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On the upswing

I'm hesitant to say this, because it usually causes bad sh*t to happen, but I things seem to be on the upswing again and I feel much less of a wreck. The main room is cleaned, the fruit flies are slowly getting sucked up by the vacuum, I've just straightened out my business license, got some new contracts for Metro Girl, have got a lot done today, am going to cook Chinese tonight, have a nice new outfit on, and I haven't had a sudden nap in two days. I feel perky and smiley. Um, yay!

Now the one thing I don't have? A new job or, at the present moment, a non-scary amount money in my bank account. I absolutely hate living from month to month.
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Bionic Woman!

So tonight I went totally crazy at the gym and somehow -- actually easily! -- jogged two miles. I was going to do 16 laps, just adding on to the 15 I did last time, but things were going well I thought, hmmm, about 18, one and a half miles... and then when I got there, I just went for two miles. I could've gone even further. Are there pigs flying?

Meanwhile, combined with the 15-minute warm-up I did (abs, weights, jump rope, balancing, etc.) and 3 machines (stairmill and two elipticals) I worked on, I think I burned over 1000 calories. And at the end, I felt perfectly fine, like I could have kept going. OK, who put the performance-enhancing drugs in my water tonight?

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Black Cat in the Big City

Over the past few months, I keep spotting a black cat running around my neighborhood. Poor kitty, living in the wilds of a major city, right smack in downtown! Tonight I saw "Blackie" run across Peachtree Street by the Wynecoff Hotel, basically darting through a tiny break in traffic.

The cat ran into the area beside the Wynecoff, which is undergoing a total rehab and has a contruction area fenced off beside it, and there's also a plaza around the entrance to Peachtree Center MARTA station, so I decided to see if I could locate the cat. Not that I think I could actually CATCH a feral cat, but I don't know... there's this romantic, wanna-save-the-kitty thing going on inside me and I had to try. Fat chance finding a scared, wild BLACK cat at night, but I stood there for five minutes calling "Kitty!" and making "Come here, cutie!" noises. Poor cat. I'd put food out if I wasn't sure rats would get to it first.

Meanwhile I've also seen this cat -- I'm pretty sure it's the same one -- running across Courtland St. (a VERY busy street) and hiding in some Chinese holly. Caleb and I also saw Blackie at Centennial Park at a couple of times, and once in the little park where Peachtree and West Peachtree meet. Cat's been running around at least a year.