September 14th, 2006

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New trick

I just discovered I can stand on one leg (either leg) and bend over, holding the leg I'm standing on, until my forehead is on my knee! Flexibility, strength and balance. How weird!
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I may as well be on the moon...

Well, today has been different! I've actually been working in an office all day, helping out a company Caleb's company is working with on a study. My job has been to format and proof a big document, currently in draft in Word, into Adobe InDesign. So far I've completed one 40-page section, including figures and charts, and it looks like I'll be here tomorrow working on more sections and perhaps some appendices. I'm getting paid at a nice hourly rate so I'll be making a few hundred dollars on work I didn't even know was coming up 'til Caleb asked me on Monday.

But that's really not the interesting bit of today. The interesting bit has been experiencing the surreal, soul-sucking anti-energy of Suburban Office Park Land, otherwise known as Dunwoody. I'm in some building in Perimeter Center across from Perimeter Mall, in what is the most totally silent, bland, depression-inducing office I've ever worked in. As soon as you enter the building, you feel all life energy fleeing, until by the time you're sitting at a desk you're working in some kind of horrible dead zone. I've worked in crummy, run-down offices, not ones that made me want to scream like this one!

Caleb and I will be leaving soon. Once I get home I'll probably only be home a short while, since Amanda is having a birthday dealie up at Imperial Fez in Buckhead at 8. That should provide all the fun and excitement I didn't get today!