September 16th, 2006

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Working with Flipper

So I've decided to go look at some job categories I don't normally look at, to widen my search, and under "Training" I found...

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Talk about a job I am SO not qualified for! Scuba diving? Dophins? Security clearance?
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Latest WTF Movie

If there's anybody reading this between 11 p.m. and 1 a.m. who gets SciFi, PLEASE tune in and tell me WTF is going on with this movie ImmortalImmortel. It's 2095 and New York is inhabited by mutant CGI people, there's a giant pyramid floating over the city, people are exploding, and, um HORUS (yeah, the Egyptian god) is flying around. I looked it up on SciFi's web site and all it says is French, 1995, and those details I just mentioned. IMDB doesn't list it -- there are 4 movies with that title but I can tell it's none of them. It's apparently too obscure, which is odd since it's like an independently produced goth-gamer-punk-retro-futurist version of The Fifth Element. WTF?!

I'll be updating this post with details during commercials:

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I can't make this sh*t up! It's like Storm's book Calenture in its weirdness. And if I had swallow of drink for every WTF moment, I'd be a lot more messed up than I was Thursday night.


I just did some poking and have found out the title of this is actually Immortel and it's from 2004, based on a graphic novel series, which is what I guessed when Caleb and I first were sitting there staring. More info:

And the most helpful in terms of showing the WTF: THE MOVIE'S TRAILER!

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I *LOVE* stumbling across completely crazy ass movies like this. Some people would give this movie an F because it didn't make a whole lot of sense and the digital people were, well, obviously digital, but HELL, it was cool. I give it a B for Bizarre and am happy to skip the popular schlock.