September 18th, 2006

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As the weekend ends...

...I'm happy to report it was a good & busy one!


- Biked up to Star Provisions & IKEA with Caleb
- Worked out at the gym
- Went to a fun Oktoberfest being held by a Lutheran church up in Midtown
- Went grocery shopping
- Watched two movies on SciFi -- Shapeshifter and Immortel


- Spent afternoon with Amanda, eating, shopping at Borders, Whole Foods
- Cooked yummy pasta dish
- Watch Discover Health shows
- Went through backlog of emails

Tomorrow I'm up in Dunwoody working again.
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Spinach and the Cooking Kick

Wouldn't you know that when I went out grocery shopping for the 7-8 different recipes I'm cooking up this week, two of them require a lot of spinach -- and all fresh spinach has been pulled from the shelves. Since some of the other ingredients are perishable, I guess I'll have to come up with a substitute, like maybe swiss chard or kale. Or perhaps canned or frozen spinach, if I can find some that's unsalted.

I'm going to be cooking so much good food over the next couple of weeks. On the way up to meet Amanda, I went through my favorite cookbook, Sunday's at Moosewood, marked a bunch of recipes I wanted to try out, and wrote up a list of what ingredients I needed. I don't have the list of recipes here, but to my recollection, here are a few:

- African Peanut Soup
- Turnip & Pear Soup
- Carrot Pancake
- Some sort of Eastern European stew w/dumplings
- Cucumber & Yogurt Salad
- Thai Noodle Salad

Last night I made a Pasta and Beans recipe, which turned out great. It was basically a thick, delicious vegie stew (zucchini, onions, garlic, tomatoes, carrots, kale, parsley, etc.) which you dump on top of pasta, topped with some parmesan. The boys had some and I still have a couple of servings left, so I'll probably have that tonight.

Meanwhile I still have leftovers of the North African artichoke heart stew I made last week, as well as the Chinese cellophane noodle salad!

Why the cooking kick? Well, one, I love cooking; two, it's way healthier than eating out; and three, it's pretty much cheaper than eating out. And my groceries tend to be cheap since 4/5 of what I buy is vegetables or fruit. Processed food, junk food and meat are the expensive things in the store and I barely get any of that.
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House Democrats Online

I got an email alert from my Congressional Rep., John Lewis, which I can't find now, but while looking, I found this nifty web site that shows at least some online smarts on the Democrats' part:

BTW, the email was a statement Lewis made on the House floor blasting a Republican who made a speech to the effect that Democrats or anybody else who opposes or questions the war in Iraq is unpatriotic. Lewis has been against military action even before Afghanistan and against pretty much the Bush administration has ever done. And seeing how both Georgia senators are conservative Republican wingnuts who are in total lockstep with Dubya (Sen. Isakson's weekly updates make me wanna puke), I'm glad Lewis is in Congress.
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10 Foods I Must Have On Hand To Cook

olive oil

There are so many recipes, many varieties, where those ingredients, in some combination, are all you need.

Plus, herbs and spices. I have probably 60 or 70 bottles or tubs of different stuff, because I cook cuisines from all around the world and need to be sure I've got anything I might need, whether it's Chinese Five Spice or turmeric or caraway seeds. The ones I use the most: basil, black pepper, cinnamon, corriandar, cumin, nutmeg, oregano, parsley, rosemary, thyme. I would go to Scarborough Fair but I never seem to need sage so I don't have any.
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Clinton "sick of Karl Rove's bullshit"

I have NEVER liked the New Yorker (probably the fault of those horrible "comics") but I am very tempted to go to a newstand to get the latest edition, which features a HUGE interview with Bill Clinton.

Remnick On Clinton On Everything, Picked Up By Nothing

There's a summary of the article with some quotes, with these two being my favorite (after the "bullshit" one):

Clinton on the Bush administration: "It just makes me mad...I just wish I were there trying to articulate an alternative vision."

On the fact that he is not: "You have to bloom where you're planted."

I think I have to quote that plant thing now.