September 19th, 2006

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I ran and ran and...

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Today I was working up in Dunwoody and by the time I'd gone shopping at the nearby mall, taken the train home, and had dinner, it was after 8 and pouring, so I decided to screw going to the gym.

But I did work out -- used the workout room in the basement instead. I managed to do a lot of my regular warm-up work, ab work, etc., and then did 20 minutes on an exercise bike, at a nice high setting.

To get in my jogging, I used the treadmill, which months ago I couldn't run on for more than like two minutes, and ran 3 1/3 MILES! I only meant to do 2, but when the meter said 2 and I was going 6.5 mph and felt fine, and the TV show I had on was interesting, I just kept going. And going. After 2 miles I started to increase the speed. I started to actually RUN, rather than jog, and for a good half mile I was going 8, 9 and then 10 mph! This harldy winded me at all.

My conclusion? Apparently I can keep adding a mile a day to my workout and it's OK. Or something. Also: The lung med I'm on, Singulair, has completed changed my ability to run.
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Where members of my family were born, or as close as I can remember:

Dad: City Island, Bronx, NY
Mom: Bronx, NY
Nancy: Bronx, NY
Betty: New Jersey
Carolyn: New Jersey
Tom: Fairfield, CT
Me: Methuen, MA

Where they live now:

Dad: Andover, MA
Mom: Andover, MA
Nancy: Oberlin, OH
Betty: Sturbridge, MA
Carolyn: Hampden (sp?), NJ
Tom: Bristol, VT
Me: Atlanta, GA

So only Carolyn lives in the state where she was born. I am certainly the furthest away and living in the most urban environment. My brother lives in the most rural, up in northern Vermont.
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We'll all miss you, Steve

Just watched the Steve Irwin memorial service on Animal Planet. I really needed to see that, because ever since that horrible day I've been thinking about him, and I needed to process it all. Had a good cry, like most people in the stands at the Crocoseum seemed to. It was a great service, filled with joy, passion and humor, not full of solemnity. My favorite bit? All the zookeepers walking in carrying yellow flowers and then setting them down on the grass; when they walked away, the flowers were laid out spelling "CRIKEY" in huge letters.
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No autotrading for me

Got an email from my rep at MATRIX about, AGAIN, some position at Just as I said to the recruiter who called me a couple of weeks ago about it, I said "Thanks, but no thanks." Actually, here's exactly what I told my rep:

Re, you're not the only person to alert me to that opportunity, as a recruiter called me about it in late August. To be honest, although the description does seem to present a good fit for me and their location is very MARTA-friendly, I'm not thrilled with the idea of working for a web site and company that's all about cars. I've been involved in too much pro-alternative transportation work for me to feel it would work for me. I don't necessarily need to put every employer under a microscope as far as politics, ethics, etc., but in this case I think it might be better if I let the opportunity pass.

Some would call this decision stupid, but then again they're not me. Example of me: If I ever won a vehicle in a contest, I would either sell it or give it to charity. In a second.
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From thefridayfive - Movies

1. What's your favorite line from a movie, and why?

"Longing. Longing for a wave of love that would stir in me. That's what makes me clumsy. The absence of pleasure. Desire for love. Desire to love."

- Marion, the trapeze artist, Wings of Desire (Der Himmel über Berlin)

2. Who's your favorite villain from a movie, and why?

Checking through my list of favorite movies, I notice that most of them (except for LotR) don't really have a villain, even though most of them are pretty dark. That said, I think it's a tie between Alien (as in Alien, Aliens, etc.) and Agent Smith in The Matrix.

3. Name one movie everyone else loves that you hate.

Mary Poppins, among others. I hated that even as a kid. That b*tch grates on me in the worst way.

4. Name one movie everyone else hates that you love.

Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow is one I adored but not many people seemed to "get." A saw a bunch of reviews and personal comments from people about the dialog being stilted and fake, the art direction and effects being less than modern, etc., and to me it showed they just missed the whole point, which is that Sky Captain was made to emulate and pay tribute to 30s movie serials, which were stilted, cheesy, and stylized beyond all logic. I thought it was brilliant!

For an older, more obscure pick, I'll name Koyaanisqatsi, a movie a lot of people hate solely due to its (to me amazing) Philip Glass soundtrack. Other people just say that between the visuals and the music, they want to throw up. I personally love it.

5. What's your favorite Pixar film, and why?

I had to look up what movies Pixar has done, using IMDB, and having done so, I see I've only seen Toy Story and Bug's Life. I enjoyed both of those. However, I've put most of those computer-animated movies off my radar, as I think the whole talking-animals-with-celeb-voices thing is such a cliche, and an annoying one at that. They're all friggin' knock-offs of knock-offs. The last one I saw was Shark's Tale and I HATED it.