September 20th, 2006

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Two for today, and another one I'll post separately because it's not quite an anomaly exactly:

The Kudzumobile
So I'm walking down Forsyth St., right by my own building, when one of those Downtown "Clean Team" service go-carts comes down the street towards me. These little trucks are driven all over town by the people who keep the neighborhood clean by watering the plants, cleaning the sidewalks, etc. Anyway, I notice that this truck seems to be filled up with a giant salad or something. Then I think, "Hmmm, are those all sweet potato vines cut from the flower pots on the lightposts?" Then it gets close and no, it's KUDZU. A huge pile of it, overflowing the truck bed and dragging on the street. They must have been clearing an abandoned lot. He he. Proof that even in a major city in the South, kudzu is king.

Brother, Can You Spare A Shoe?
Later, walking on Peachtree St. in Buckhead, I notice an old man standing on the curb holding a big wooden sign, white with green lettering: "Quality Shoe Repair - Guaranteed. At The Darlington." The Darlington is a big apartment tower and he was standing in front of it. The thing is, he was there with the sign waving and smiling at people, then pointing to the sign, as if he was holding a car wash or something. Did he think people were going to just hang a right and say "OMG, I need my shoes fixed so bad and I didn't know WHERE I was going to get it done! Can you do it right now on my lunch break?" Later on I walked by the same spot and while the sign was propped against a fence, the old man was gone. Maybe his plan did work?
sideview, obamame_sideview

Here a shim, there a shim, everywhere a shim shim...

This is the post that's about a sort of anomaly but not really. It is odd though!

I met up with Caleb at his office this afternoon and we wound up walking down to Colony Square for lunch. We were in line at Moe's when I mentioned something or other about drag queens or transsexuals -- can't remember which -- when all of a sudden Caleb is like, "You mean like that one over there?" And sure enough there's this really tall shim. (I will say "shim" here not because it's the ideal word but because it's alot easier to type than transsexual and doesn't look as blocky as MTF. Caleb and I use it all the time, and believe me I have nothing but love for transgender people.) But that wasn't all. As we went into the food court, we noticed there were shims everywhere -- at tables eating, walking around shopping, standing around talking on cell phones. There was a big variety. Some of them looked really good, like the tall one we first spotted, who had a nice face and was pretty elegant, while some looked good in a not-pretty-but-authentic-way, like shim we saw who totally looked like a middle-aged white trash woman. Of course there were a lot who looked very... well, not ready for prime time. Or not very "believable," I'd say, like with hair that just didn't work, outfits that only a shim (or me!) would wear, beefy uncovered arms, and faces which just did not look female in any way. And over by the coffee place, we spotted a Mrs. Doubtfire type. (Yes they DO exist!) I assume that the adjoining hotel is the site of some kind of transsexual conference or get together or something, because it surely wasn't an accident!

I should mention that the last time Caleb and I were around that many shims was in Munich. Over and over on our visit there, Caleb or I would say to one another, "See over there? That is not a woman, no WAY!" The funny thing is, German shims/trannies/MTFs look and dress a LOT like me. Bwahahaah. Which goes along with what Kristina said a couple of weeks ago when she was visiting: "If you didn't have such big hips and defined waist, everyody would think you were a tranny." I have to agree with that.

Cat Loves Flowers

I've known for a long time that Luckie has a thing for flowers, especially roses. Several times she's apparently messed with bouquets of dried roses while I was out, strewing dried flower buds and petals all over the floor. Which is kind of a nice touch, like potpourri everywhere. Then I know last time I got a bouquet for the dining room table, she hopped up on the table several times -- in violation of house rules -- to investigate it.

Anyway, today I came home with a dozen huge, pink roses I got at Fresh Market for their amazing $6.99/dozen deal, and then I set it up in a big vase. Within five minutes, Luckie was up on a chair by the table, paws on the edge, straining to get at the flowers. I told her no, and she went to another chair, poked her head up, and tried to get at them again. Then she halfway got onto the table, so I said, "OK, Luckie, here you go." And set the vase on the floor. "Here it is!" Well, Luckie spent 10 minutes making love to the flowers. She sniffed every flower, stuck her head into all the leaves, put her front paws on the vase so she could smell the highest parts, and got this muzzy look on her face like she really digs roses. LOL. Just now, while I was eating dinner at the table, Luckie was looking at the bouquet again, which I'd put back, and so I put it on the floor. She spent another five minutes enjoying it.

Anybody else heard of cats liking flowers?