September 24th, 2006

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More Fun: Buckle Ball

The last couple of weeks have included a ton of fun and rather out of the ordinary events, and today (meaning Saturday) went right along with that. In the first half of the day I had fabulous coffee and treats at Chocolate Pink, a new pastry shop in Midtown, and then in the late afternoon I had my workout, followed by a lovely dinner by Caleb. Finally Caleb, Enrique and I went out to dinner at Midcity Cafe and headed up to see Daniel perform at a special event at Jungle, the First Annual Buckle Ball. It was a huge production, with a main stage and three side stages, several bars, huge cloth video screens, lights, music blasting, a throng of characters who were Wraeththu, Dragon*Con kids, extras from The Fifth Element, pin-up girls and middle aged perves there for the girly action. Aside from Daniel's performance -- titled "iFlog" and, as I expected, highly entertaining and impressive -- there was a cool fashion show involving a ton of colored latex, and some other performances I liked as well. Lots of titty (covered by pasties) action! And I got in a bunch of dancing, which was great.

Anyway, the biggest souvenir of tonight is a big group of photos, mostly self portraits, I did of my outfit and more especially, my makeup. Tonight, instead of winging it, I decided to go to the Mac web site and get ideas and instructions for a look. I found one called "New Wave" I liked and although I didn't have the recommended products to do it, I could basically follow along and, doing so, I wound up with a look much better than usual. Main ingredients: lots of silver eyeshadow, eyeliner, mascara, black eyeshadow, red lipstick (including some on my cheeks). But on with the photos!

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This is one of my favorite sets of pics ever!
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Good stuff

I am STILL up, all excited from going to the club, although I have finally taken my wig off.

Anyway, a review of all the good and/or fun stuff that's come my way lately:

- 3 days working up in Dunwoody, which while not fun in itself, pays well
- Some shopping at Perimeter Mall
- Nice haircut
- Good workouts
- Fun out helping with a community workshop Caleb's company was doing
- Scored free lunch at French cafe downstairs, just b/c waitress likes me
- Long meeting with new client, some fun work ahead
- Going to Chocolate Pink for first time, going on walk around Midtown
- Dinner and drinks at Midcity Cafe
- Buckle Ball

And coming up? Monday's another day of HDR work, Thursday is a tour of greenspace in the city (for a web project I'm on the team for) and finally, next weekend I arranged a cabin in N. Georgia for some Outworlder friends. Elijay, here I come!
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The morning after

Nothing like leaving your makeup job on overnight and waking up to look like Bette Davis in Whatever Happened to Baby Jane? Either that or a stage actress (or drag queen) who's passed out after a performance.
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Now for the bad news

Well, last night I reported on recent good things. Now here for the bad, some of which are just bad luck, a bunch of which are my fault alone.

  • Received a $1000 fine from the city for failure to file my biz license renewal on time, two years in a row.

  • House remains a complete mess, which it has since... Labor Day weekend.

  • Bad choice in shoes (sneakers of all things) caused half-dollar-sized blisters to form on the back of each foot -- blisters which are now open sores. I'll have to wear bandages for at least a week.

  • Found out my big client, a transportation engineering firm, is still not ready to go forward with their web site.

  • Still haven't gotten any job interviews.
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Get Well, Roger

Over the past few months, I and thousands of others have missed Roger Ebert and his delightful reviews. He was in the hospital a couple of times and although he's gotten better, he's still recovering and not about to go out and see movies, do the reviews, etc. As a form of encouragement, the Chicagoist has started the Get Well Roger Photo Group so people can create visual get well messages for him. Basically, you take a pic of you and/or friends giving the thumbs up sign and post it to Flickr on this group with this tag.

And another thing you can do? Search or Browse his past Chicago Sun Times reviews!
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I have a thing for root vegetables and always have. If it grows underground, I probably like it. Some of my favorites, which are almost always in my fridge: potatoes, sweet potatoes, onions, garlic, and carrots. Less typical but no less loved: ginger and parsnips. There's something about root vegies that's just so soothing and satisfying. A root vegetable is never going to upset your stomach! Mmmmm. Which explains in part why I loved the peanut soup I made tonight. Main ingredients: onions, sweet potatoes, carrots, ginger, peanuts, tomatoes and chives. The last two ingredients aren't roots, but it was perfect anyway :)