September 25th, 2006

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Planning a busy week

Well, I'm up in Dunwoody again, helping to put together graphics for a downtown redevelopment plan. Whoop de do! Saving the maps in the size needed for boards takes so long I have time to post to LJ :)

This week is shaping up to be pretty busy, at least considering I don't have a job. I'll be here all day, I think, and then once I'm back home I'll be going to the gym. Tomorrow I'm going to focus on financial accounting stuff as well as doing an estimate for a new client. Wednesday is nothing except going to the gym at some point, but Thursday I'll be out all day as part of the kick-off on the City of Atlanta Greenspace Plan project I'm involved in. I'm doing the public web site for the project and will be going on a city-wide tour of greenspace, plus attending a communications and marketing strategy meeting. Finally Friday I'll be running around higglety-pigglety, since that night I'm headed up with friends to Elijay for two nights at a cabin. I have to get some groceries, organize some games perhaps, make sure my pets are taken care of, and fit in a trip to the gym too I guess. Then Friday night through Sunday I'll be up in the North Georgia mountains, hanging out, hopefully going to some country fairs (apple cider, chickens, bluegrass music!), and having fun.

Another goal for this week? Cleaning the house! I got started on it this weekend, but I kept getting so into the Discovery Health shows on TV that the going was slow. You really need to SEE these medical shows or it's just not the same. Right now the main room is about 50 percent done, with the kitchen spic and span, dishes all done and nothing out for the flies to eat. All I have to do is shovel out the piles of stuff on the carpet and it's done.
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The Good, The Good and The Bad

1) Cash Flow = Good

Caleb called this morning to let me know he has a large check for me, payment for all my outstanding invoices with his company, minus a whole bunch that is going through me to a third party. I will need to see the notes on the check to verify that it's all mine (there is a whole thing with money I will be passing to a third party contractor), but if it is, I will be SO relieved re financial woes, at least for the next month or two.

2) CPK Tortilla Spring Rolls = Good

Because it's right across the street from the office I've been working at in Dunwoody, I've gone to California Pizza Kitchen three times in the past two weeks. While the California-style pizzas completely weird me out and the "regular" pizzas (e.g. mushroom, magarita) are only "okay," I love the tortilla spring roll appetizer, which can easily be a lunch. What they do is, for the "Mediterranean" style, take small tortilla, put sauteed mushrooms, garlic, onions, olives, tomato, and mozzarella inside, roll 'em up and bake 'em with herbs on top. They're served cut up into three pieces per roll and there's marinara sauce on the side for dipping. Simple, but yummy!

3) Headaches = Bad

Along with my depression, the headaches are back. Today I have a really aggravating one. It's the kind that arrives suddenly and feels like an ice pick going through your skull, but then randomly will go away for a while and return at some other location in your head. I swear, I wouldn't be surprised if one day I got one of these headaches and lost my eyesight, because it feels like my eye is being gouged out. Thankfully the pain goes away eventually.

Yarn Thief

I heard about this a while back -- old lady who kept going into yarn shops, where unsuspecting owners would get robbed of expensive yarn.

Yarn thief gets year in jail
By Charles Yoo
Atlanta Journal-Constitution
Published on: 09/25/06

A woman prosecutors called a serial yarn thief will spend a year in jail after pleading guilty to shoplifting Monday in DeKalb County.

Audrey Yandel, a 70-year-old Atlanta grandmother and a retired nurse, has been convicted 12 times in the past two decades, mostly for stealing yarn, according to DeKalb Deputy Chief Assistant District Attorney John Melvin.

In the DeKalb cases, Yandel was caught stealing yarn at a Decatur shop in January 2005 and knitting needles at a Dunwoody business in May 2006.

Her attorney, Charles Pekor, said she's been suffering from "compulsive behavior disorder" and has been seeking psychiatric help.

After serving a year in jail, Yandel will be placed on probation for six years. She's now forbidden from entering any specialty store that sells yarn.
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No More Boondocks

I just found out that Boondocks -- the comic strip -- is not coming back. It was discontinued a few months ago, when Aaron McGruder announced he was taking a sabatical, but now it looks like he's not going back to it.

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Waaaaaaaah! Yet another of my favorite comic strips bites the dust as a result of the artist throwing in the towel. Which, to be realistic, is bound ot happen because that career will burn you out if you're actually any GOOD at it. Examples of other strips I've loved and lost: The Far Side, Bloom County, Calvin and Hobbes. (Although recently when C&H was republished for a few weeks in the paper, I decided I didn't think it was funny in the least, whereas Far Side still cracks me up every time.)
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