September 26th, 2006


Luckie Girl

Still haven't gotten around to posting about Luckie's vet appointment last Friday. Oops!

The munchkin was not too happy about the MARTA trip over, meowing mournfully, but after the ten minute walk from the station to the animal hospital, on a quiet street, she had calmed down. I was asked to go in the exam room, where a vet tech asked me a few questions, and then Luckie was taken away to get her rabies and distemper shots, plus a general look-over. When the vet came in, it was a new doctor I hadn't met before, who I would guess has been hired now that the office is in a new, larger building. Anyway, the vet was very cool and, unexpectedly, told me that an eye problem I'd reported -- one of Luckie's eyes periodically gets smaller than the other and oozes a bit -- is probably kitty herpes. Luckily it's treatable, although he said I didn't need to get it treated right away. The name of the medicine is on her chart and later this fall when I have a job I'll see about getting the stuff.

The most interesting part of the vet visit was when the vet started talking to me about cat behavior. I told him how, in contrast to when she was a kitten, Luckie now hates being taken out of the house and doesn't even like the hallway much. I also told him how fixated she is on me and how she is with other people and animals. According to the vet, Luckie's behavior is quite typical for female cats, especially ones in a single person home. Females, even feral cats, tend to stick to a small territory and get more territorial about it than males. Females are really uncomfortable about leaving their home environments and don't travel as well as males either. All this was of course fodder for Caleb, who's always on about how touchy Luckie is, but for me it was instructive. Luckie's attitude: "This is MY turf and this is MY person, to hell with anywhere and anyone else." (In a squeaky little voice of course.)
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Ew ew ew!

It's official: There are flies EVERYWHERE in my house now. I woke up this morning and they were flying around my bed. They mainly swarm in the kitchen area, hanging out on the wall over the piggies' cage and around the sink, but they're also on the ceiling, in the guest bathroom... and EW EW EW just all over!

I think the piggies' cage might be a source of the problem. I think the flies are not only living off the piggies' food and poop, but they're likely breeding in the piggies' litter or something. The fact there are so many hanging out right over the cage is a big clue. I don't know how to get rid of them and have happy piggies, though. The only way I can think of is to send the piggies off on vacation for a week and meanwhile leave the cage empty of all food and litter, so all the flies will starve, but I how can I actually send them off? To where?
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Childhood memory

Yesterday my mind dug up a really old childhood memory involving me and my mother. I think it reveals a lot about my own anxieties as regards my mom and her ability (well, lack thereof) to be there for me the way other moms seemed to be.

Anyway, what happened was, one day in first grade our class was going to be going to the zoo for a field trip. However, absent-minded as always, I went in to school that day forgetting all about the trip. As soon as all the kids were in their classrooms, the teachers announced we were going outside to get on the buses. And all of a sudden I realized my mom was supposed to be a parent chaperone and that she probably had forgotten. As we went outside and formed lines, I saw other kids' moms either there or pulling up in their cars and started to get very nervous. It would be so embarrassing to have to explain why my mom hadn't come. But just as I was getting really worked up about it, I saw my mom standing across the parking lot, pulling curlers out of her hair, but THERE. I was soooooo relieved. I think I ran over and was bouncing up and down, going, "I'm so glad you remembered!" Her reaction was, "Of course I remembered!"

All through school I was always wanting my mom to be involved in school things, like being the "class mom" who comes in for holiday parties and provides food, games, crafts, etc. Or coming to school pageants, festivals, etc. It seemed like almost everybody's moms did this, but my mom couldn't because she was either in school (she got a Associate's in Computer Science) or working. Of course, I realized later that not everybody's mom could come, just everybody who had a mom who didn't work, i.e. the rich kids' moms. The lower middle class and working class kids' moms, who were bus drivers or cafeteria workers or supermarket baggers, couldn't come to school activities often either. But at the time, I wanted my mom to be like the "cool" kids' moms.

As it turns out, my mom was THERE for me in a lot of ways that were much more important than coming to school activities or being a Girl Scout troop leader. And she still is.

P.S. This icon is my school portrait from first grade, the time period of the zoo incident. My German grandmother, with whom I often spent 2-3 days a week, often dressed me up like Heidi / Shirley Temple :)