September 27th, 2006

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Good Soup, Bad Soup

Tonight I present a tale I'll call "Good Soup, Bad Soup." It's the story of two soups I prepared recently, using recipes from the same cookbook, Sundays at Moosewood Restaurant.

The Good Soup: West African Peanut Soup
This soup is delicious, creamy and because of the peanuts, reminded me of Thai food. The main ingredients are ginger, sweet potatoes, carrots and peanut butter. I think it would be great over rice.

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The Bad Soup: Turnip and Pear Soup
This is a Finnish soup and while the combo of turnips and pears sounded odd, I thought I'd give it a go, since sometimes it's the really odd combos that taste best. So I made it tonight and while eating the first bowl, my thought was "Hmmm, this sort of tastes like hot applesauce with potatoes and herbs in it... only something is weird." And then on my second bowl, it hit me: "God, does this stuff remind me of barf!" Not just the look of it, but the smell and taste -- this sort of sour yet sweet flavor of upchuck. Later on Caleb came over to visit and had a visceral reaction: "It's puke!" So the nickname of this soup? Puke Soup. I will try and eat the rest of it, but overall I wouldn't recommend it, except maybe to a Finn, as maybe they like this type of thing.

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Newsweek: Serving US Interests?

So murnkay has pointed out something disturbing in his blog: Newsweek shows everybody else a different cover story than the one in the US... and when you see what it is, you may guess why!

This reminds me of the times I've watched CNN International on trips to Europe and thought, "Hmmm, this is sooooo much better than regular CNN!" And then gone home and seen regular CNN and thought, "WTF?!" This really hit hard when I was in Germany during the aftermath of the massive Pacific tsunami. CNN International had 24-hour coverage of it for days and days. It continued after I got back to the US, I'm sure, but meanwhile regular CNN was over that "old" news and was talking about a bunch of meaningless jabber pretending to be news. The corresponding news web sites showed the same difference.
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Diabetes warning / fly update

I know several people on my flist have diabetes and that many of you who don't are working to make sure you reduce your risk. Still, I thought it wouldn't hurt to post this:

Over 40, female and fat around the middle?
Getting fatter around the middle? Have a family history of heart disease or diabetes? You could be headed for the same trouble, especially if you're over 40 and female.

Personally, I've been working very hard on my exercise and have lost some fat for sure. It's important I do this not just so I can fit into my clothes -- which for me a huge motivating factor -- but because there is a very strong family history of diabetes. My paternal grandparents, my dad and his two siblings all have/had diabetes and three of them died in part due to complications. My dad's diabetes has screwed up his life in dozens of different ways.


So after being truly grossed about the number of flies swarming around this morning, this evening I embarked on a mission to clean, sterilize and otherwise eliminate areas that could be the source of the problem. I cleaned out the piggies' cage and scrubbed it down. The piggies are going to stay in a cardboard box until at least tomorrow, because I don't want there to be any litter or mess for the flies to linger in. After doing the cage, I moved to the dishwasher and scrubbed the inside of it, which has been stinking for a while. Nasty! I sprayed a lot of disinfectant in there and also poured some hydrogen peroxide in the filter, just to see how much organic debris there was. Then I flushed out the filter as best I could and ran the machine empty. I then did all the dishes in the sink, then flushed out the drain/disposal with vinegar, lemon juice, and a few quarts of boiling water. Finally, I took the roses I had out of their vase and hung them up to dry, then tossed the water, which is breeding ground for flies.

The rest of the main room, besides the kitchen, is still a mess, but I will work on it tomorrow. Tonight I just wanted to address the filth issues.
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Thick Skin

For days the heel of my left foot has been killing me. I thought it was just the bad callouses and cracks I have there, but then looking closer tonight, I noticed a small puncture wound. Piece of glass in it! It took a half hour to dig it out, because I had to get my leg in a really weird position in order to "operate" on the middle of my heel, but at last I got the little thing out. Now if I could only get rid of the callouses. They are realllly bad at the moment -- so bad I'm thinking of calling or emailing Mom to ask her what she does for hers. I think I could stick a thumbtack in mine and not know, because the skin is so much like a rock.
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Well, a few things:


The job hunt continues to be disappointing. I haven't got a single interview and haven't gotten any calls in like a week, although I did get two emails today which were both good leads. I applied for those two. I've now been looking for a month and find it odd that haven't got any interviews, since I had 3 or 4 in the first month on my last search. My rep. at MATRIX says things are oddly "slow" right now, as while there are many jobs, companies don't seem to be a desperate rush to hire people.


The kitchen is picked up, but the rest of the house is a disaster, and I'm not feeling at all up to dealing with it.

The flies are stilllll around and according to what I've read, even if I'm successful with some of my methods for killing them off, they'll be here for two weeks more. The piggies are VERY upset at not being in their regular cage, but I can't have the litter out, as it attracts way too many flies and is perhaps a breeding ground. So that's not good!


Today I slept 'til 11:30. Oops! Honestly today was one of those days I could have slept all day, I just felt so tired and unmotivated. However, Caleb called me at like 11:45 wanting to go out to lunch, so I went and afterward sort of went sleepwalking through my day. I know I should clean, do an estimate I promised someone, apply for more jobs, but ugh, I really just feel the depression and fatigue dragging me down, so all I want to do is veg out.

I continue to go to the gym like clockwork, 3-4 days a week, although recently I've felt a little weak. I still can run 1-2 miles and I do a couple of cardio workouts, but I don't feel like I'm performing at the level I was before. Again, it's this depression-fatigue thing.

I decided today that as soon as stupid BCBS deems to give me health insurance and my damn card, I'm going to schedule an appt. with my doctor to talk about the return of the depression and fatigue, and also ask him for the name of the psychologist he told me about before. (Or I will go to one I found on my own.) I kind of would also like to tell him about these dizzy spells I have, but from experience I don't think I'll get any conclusive answer. I don't know if it's low iron, blood sugar or what.