September 28th, 2006

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That result is being KIND to me!
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Work keeps my mind busy

Interestingly, at no point during my 11-hour workday today (more on that later!) did I feel depressed or particularly tired. So what I need to do to feel better is work? OK, somebody give me a job then!

There is some good news on that front, speaking of. I very recently got in touch with recruiters filling positions at Turner and at Coca-Cola. Those would both be outstanding employers, IMO. So, fingers crossed I get somewhere with those prospects!
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Long, but FUN, workday!


So today I spent all day with the team -- city staff and a whole bunch of consultants -- working on the City of Atlanta Green Space Plan. Most of the day, 9-4, was taken up with a tour of parks on the northeast and southern/southwest sides of town, and in all we either drove by or visited more than 20 parks. We also toured three or four community recreation centers, including both a tiny rather stinky one to a huge one in Adamsville that was like the Taj Mahal of rec centers, with an Olympic-size swimming pool, huge basketball arena, computer rooms, dance studios, weight room, classrooms, etc. During all this a bunch of locals (city staff and myself) narrated a tour and answered lots of questions about parks, park dept. history, operations, neighborhood redevelopment, etc. At the end of the day, we went back to City Hall and a bunch of us, plus some folks from the community, had a Communications & Outreach meeting, which went 'til 7:30 but was actually very productive and rewarding (shock, since 9/10 of all meetings are crap, IMO). It was great to actually get to spend time actually seeing the project areas with the team I'll be working with, getting to know everybody just as the project starts. (Oh, and BTW, I'm doing the public web site for the whole project.)


But the best part of the day for me? Not seeing the parks, not touring around the ghetto, not the string cheese and Dr. Pepper I had as snacks on the van...

It was going to this place:

And YES, this restaurant IS owned by Abdullah the Butcher, the former pro wrestler. And the restaurant WAS decorated with dozens and dozens of autographed publicity shots of pro wrestlers and bizarre Madman from Sudan memorobilia, like a little toy version of him in a cage with a large fork*. AND the place offers not only ribs, fried chicken and other Southern and Soul Food sundries (including gizzard and pig feet), but ALSO offered Chinese. I had a plate of side vegies -- black eyed peas, collards, mashed potatoes and candied yams -- and a glass of super-sweet sweet tea. You just have to go to a place like that every once in a while, to make you realize how pretentious a lot of places are. This place had NO pretences whatsoever!

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* And for cheesala, I'll add that Abdullah reportedly can frequently be found at the restaurant, where fans go to visit him, get autographs, etc.