October 4th, 2006

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New Contract and a Job Hunt Update

Today I went in for a meeting with two neighbors who are now managing the municipal market, the Sweet Auburn Curb Market. A couple of weeks ago I was asked to turn in an estimate for the redesign of the market's web site, and once the other bids were in, they picked me and asked me to come in and discuss what they were looking for. I was really excited, since I've wanted to redo the market's web site for YEARS and also support the market just in general.

Well, not only will I be doing the web site, which is jolly and cool and itself, and not only will I get a monthly fee to be on retainer for maintenance, but -- and here's the "job hunt update" bit -- they also want to hire me on, on a short term basis, as a part-time office assistant. They can only offer $10/hr. and it's only 20 hours a week, but it'd get me out of the house, around people, with great access to fresh fruits & vegies (including a new organic market, coming soon), and in walking distance.

I said OK and will start Monday, coming in probably just 10-2 Monday-Friday. Dress is casual, as is everything else there I think, got some flexibility in the schedule, and my work will basically be to do whatever Pam, the market manager, needs me to do, like organize bills, prepare for an office move, etc. I think I can also probably work on the web site right there at the desk. They understand I'm looking for a full-time job but they need somebody right now and what the heck, you know? Better to be there than here, and it'll help me pay the bills.

On a related note, I'm happy to report that things are going better for me financially. A bunch of clients paid me on some long overdue bills, I did hourly work for Caleb's company, and I've landed several new projects recently which, though they won't pay out immediately, will eventually, which is a comfort. Meanwhile at the moment I can pay my own bills and there are no collection agencies calling me, which is all I ask. If I get a few more contracts, I won't have to worry about how slow this job hunt is going.
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Good stuff

Well, things are looking up -- knock on wood -- so I may as well list out the good things so I can better appreciate them!
  • Going camping this weekend!

  • This whole part-time job thing.

  • Several web projects underway -- site for city's green space plan, site for municipal market, site and marketing for urban planning consultant, site for transportation engineering firm, site for my building.

  • I made some really good Turkish lentil soup last night.

  • My latest IRA statement shows my investments doing well, without me putting anything into the account. I suck at investing and can't afford to put money into savings now, but at least THAT is going right.

  • The fruit fly problem is under control, thanks to some truly disgusting traps I put out -- dessert dishes filled with soy milk and guinea pig poop, covered with plastic wrap with holes in it. I must've killed at least a hundred so far. Cleaning out the traps is gruesome, but I can't say I don't enjoy it.

  • Cleaned the main room yesterday!

  • Late last night I cleaned out my shower, which was totally grody. I used Kaboom! that stuff advertised on TV by the "Not Just Clean, Oxiclean!" guy. I got it at a regular store but I still have to do the commercial/infomercial voice when I use it. "KABOOM!" It cleaned the tile real good ;)

  • Got some more quilt squares in the mail, so I can start a quilt for my parents. It's a Christmas present.

  • Got a cool new password management program for the computer. Excellent stuff.

  • Sold a copy of the Wraeththu picture book to a woman in China!

  • The Wraeththu books I donated to the SciFiDimensions eBay charity auction are getting lots of bids.

  • There's the possibility of a floor-wide Halloween party.

  • If I have my way, I'm going to have a rockin' Halloween costume.

  • I've been non-depressed, and sort of perky and positive, since Monday night. *big knock on wood*