October 5th, 2006

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Time for coffee, stat

I'm not saying today can't be a great day, but I woke up to a headache, the local NPR station playing Elgar's "Pomp and Circumstance," and memories about a dream involving vicious guinea pigs, a mutant child, and kids in rehab from child abuse.
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Eating Local

I guess I'm part of a trend, because the local paper just ran a great article on people in Georgia choosing to "eat local." Recommended reading, no matter where you live.

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On a related note, yesterday I found out that a Gwinnett County produce co-op is going to be opening up shop at the curb market, where I'm starting up a part-time job. The co-op will be selling its goods retail, but will also allow local residents (me!) to join up and receive a regular share of the garden goods. So every week or whatever, I can get a box of local vegies. Also, an organic grocer and take-out vendor is also coming to the market, with an owner who just spend 17 years in Germany running a similar business in Munich. Neither business will be starting up for a while, but I am SO pleased about this!
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Looking Back...

I'm in the middle of designing something, so my mind is a bit wobbly, but still, it occured to me yesterday that September/Fall marks anniversaries of all kinds of me:

Caleb and I first met on Sept. 21, 1993, thirteen years ago. Holy sh*t, that is a long-*ss time!

I first arrived in Georgia ten years ago! It was mid-September. Caleb and I arrived on the same plane, on ValuJet, I believe. I had just come off a summer interning in Manhattan and Caleb had come off a summer working feeding athletes at the Olympic Village. After a few days here in Atlanta, we took Caleb's Saab "Ingrid" out to Athens to do our senior year at UGA.

Caleb and I bought a Downtown condo together eight years ago. I was only 24 and he was 23 but we'd saved up a lot of money in the year or so since college and the price on the condo was cheap, especially split, so we did it. It was a lovely 2 BR 2 BA corner unit on the tenth floor of The Metropolitan. A block away from where I live now.

Four years ago, in 2002, I finally went back to Germany, after not visiting since I was a teenager and spent a summer there. The best part of the trip? Having Caleb with me, and having Caleb get totally into Germany, calling it the most "quality" place ever. We also had some fantastic adventures with Marja and Elly.

Three years ago Immanion Press, then newly founded, put out Breeding Discontent, the Wraeththu novel I co-wrote with fellow fan Bridgette. It was launched at the first ever "Grissecon" event, held in Storm's hometown of Stafford, England, and Bridgette and I were both there, along with tons of other fans, writers, artists and other fabulous people.

In September 2005, Caleb and I had a great trip up to Vermont, and the month after that I had a great trip up to Massachusetts.

This October, I spent a weekend up at a cabin, am going camping in Tennessee, and will be helping to throw a big Halloween party. Among other things.

And who knows WHAT will be going on this time next year!
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Weight and water

Made a post on fat_wiebke about how Mom has convinced me to go back to downing a lot of water again. I guess I'll try it. I'm getting pretty frustrated by the fact that I am busting my butt and not gaining much except endurance and muscle tone. I have to lose at least ten pounds to be able to get into some pants again and winter is coming up so I realllly want to get in pants and stop having to always wear skirts with thick stockings!
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Site redesign

Last night I got inspired on the new web site project I just landed, and came up with this new design. It will be replacing this mess. If the client likes the design, I'll probably bash out the whole thing inside of a week, which they'll love since they're having a Harvest Festival Day on Oct. 21 and I said yesterday it wouldn't be done in time for that.
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Anti-Bush Rally

One of today's World Can't Wait-sponsored anti-Bush marches just went right down the block, on Broad Street. I caught the last ten minutes of it, although I supposed it's still going on, headed towards the Capitol. The first time I heard that nation-wide rallies were going on was this morning on NPR. The reporter was from Atlanta but somehow only mentioned other cities having a rally, not Atlanta. I heard music and shouting noises outside, but that's hardly unusual around here, so I didn't know it was happening for quite some time. My favorite part were these white sheets bearing large black stenciled images of Bush, along with labels like "THUG PRESIDENT," "MURDERER," "FASCIST," "WAR CRIMINAL," etc. Also, I was cheered by the fact that a large proportion of GSU's student population seemed to be involved. (I live basically on the GSU campus.) Meanwhile I hear a heliocopter flying overhead somewhere, probably to monitor the "situation."
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As I was going out to run an errand, the concierge informed me I had a package. Package? What package? Nothing on order I knew about. She gives it to me and I see it's from Amazon. It's big. And what it it? The Greta Garbo Signature Collection!!!!! From my mom, for my birthday, which was in August ("Sorry this is so late, but now it will be a bigger surprise," the note says). OMG, 10 Garbo movies plus a documentary and extras! It wasn't even on my Amazon Wish List, mom just knew I love Garbo. If I weren't going out of town this weekend, I'd so be sitting around watching them all in order :) But hey, fall and winter are ahead, perfect movie weather.
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Picture Post - North Georgia Mountains

I meant to post earlier about the great weekend I had with the WoO (Women of Outworlders) group, but I felt so lousy Monday and then got so busy it's not happening 'til now. Anyway, had a great time. The cabin, owned by my friend Cooper and her husband, was great, located on a dirt road in the middle of the woods, with a really loud creek across the way. We cooked meals for one another, watched TV, went apple picking, ran around in a corn maze, played Scrabble, and generally relaxed and made merry :) Here are the pics!

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