October 12th, 2006


Man, I DO talk a lot!

I was just looking at my LJ Profile, which I hadn't done lately, and see:

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Um, if I had a nickel for every time...

Well, yeah, I wouldn't have to work probably!
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Sister-Sister Chat

Well, meeting up with my sister Nancy was just as productive, and fun, as I expected. We were together for around an hour and a half, having dinner at the airport Houlihan's, and exchange a whole lot of information. I'm not putting it behind a cut because eh, there's some important stuff...

  • Uncle Billy died last night. Mom told Nancy she was going to call me, but she didn't, or else she didn't leave me a message. The funeral is Friday, which seems quick to me. Mom and Dad are going, as is my sister Carolyn, since she lives closest of all us kids. Nancy didn't seem upset by it at all, which suprised me since unlike me she actually spent a lot of time with my uncle and his family growing up. Then again, it seems like our family has always been very "nuclear."

  • We both agreed that my sister Carolyn has terrible fashion sense, as does my mother and my departed aunt. My sister Betty, on the other hand, has great taste, even if she doesn't have the body to wear the things she wants to. I remember back in middle school, when she'd moved back home, she used to take me out clothes shopping just so she could use me as a kind of doll, buying clothes for me she wished she could wear. And my mom would pay her back for it!

  • It seems that even before Mom was working, she was horrible about picking up us kids on time... or getting anywhere on time. Nancy and I exchanged all kinds of funny stories about the intermidable hours we spent waiting on Mom to show up. I explained my theory that one reason I find it so easy to deal with public transportation delays is that it's actually more reliable than Mom. "That's the logo I think I'll give public transportation -- 'More Reliable Than Mom." Nancy recalled how recently she was standing at some roadside, dust blowing around, waiting for a bus for like an hour and suddenly thought, "OMG, this is just like when I was a kid!" According to her, it's a wonder none of us ever got kidnapped, we were always waiting around for Mom to show up. (This is the woman who, when I'd go to her at 2 a.m. on a weeknight and ask her what time it was, would tell me it was 10. And she had to get up a 6 to get to work.)

  • Nancy and I have the same feet, which are the same feet as Mom, which is not good, because we get terrible calluses and have high arches that don't last for life. And a tip I got: "Wearing sandals for months at a time causes calluses -- it makes my feet crack." Meanwhile I have several huge cracks in my left heel, so bad I've been limping. Jeez. I gotta switch to non-summer shoes I guess.

  • My nephew Ian is having a great time in college (Oberlin) and has gained a bit of weight, although that's not saying much, as he's 6'2" and 145 friggin' pounds. Meanwhile Nancy has noticed that now that Ian's no longer at home, her family grocery bill is like $55, whereas when he's home, it's $140. Ian eats and eats, but must have a metabolism ever faster than Caleb's! Ian may be coming down here to Atlanta at some point to do an internship, possibly at Caleb's company, or maybe with me, as I could teach him web stuff and give him work. We have to figure out some housing for him, but I think it's quite doable.

  • Nancy agreed that my ex-boss sounds like a b*tch. I wonder if my ex-boss has friends who think I'm a lazy good-for-nothing? It's all a matter of perspective...

    And finally...

  • Nancy TOTALLY agreed that my idea about going with consulting as my "job" again and going to grad school. Thought it was a really good career move, as my species of work is dying. Meanwhile, she tells me she and Mom actually discussed this six months ago, with Mom saying "I wonder why Wendy just doesn't go to school for this... she seems very interested in it." Apparently Mom didn't tell me because she thought that her advice would make me not do it. (Yeah, yeah, Mom knows me...) I told Nancy how I didn't think I ever wanted to go back to school, and she said she knew that but still thought it was an excellent idea and I should do it. So, I think I am taking this more seriously now. I bid on a GRE prep book on eBay last night :)

Meanwhile Nancy is now on a jet on her way to Santiago, Chile. She runs an international psych research project, part of which is carried out by researchers in Chile and every year she goes down for around three weeks to meet with the team, lecture to students, and enjoy the weirdness of being the tallest woman in the entire country :)
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And the correct answer is...

So now that I have some takers on the "Guess what my boss here at the market just asked me to do?" poll, I'll reveal the answer:

She DID ask me to start a "chitlin' list."

It's not as funny as it sounds, as what she meant by that is for me to start a spreadsheet with the names and contact information of the people who come to the office ranting and raving about The Great Chitlins War. Which is... *sigh* a story involved the health department, meat vendors at the market, chitlins lovin' customers, and management trying to do good and getting nothing but flak. Basically, the health department says it's pretty unsafe for the meat people to be cleaning chitlins there in the market, considering a) they're not following all the recommended safety precautions for cleaning (but are then selling the chitlins as "cleaned") and b) they're doing the cleaning in proximity to numerous restaurants and eateries. They're not saying they can't sell chitlins, but are recommending they switch to buying pre-cleaned chitlins, so the cleaning isn't done at the market and the customers get the same end result. Management went and looked into suppliers and found out the precleaned aren't much more expensive than the "raw" kind, and suggested the vendors look into those, because it would make for a safer market, increased health safety to the meat workers, etc.

But oh noooooo, the meat vendors have to have a fit about it, are now selling only uncleaned (yes, poopy) chitlins and telling customers that management is not letting them sell the old kind anymore. They just don't want to change what they sell. So we get these people coming to us accusing us of getting rid of chitlins, complaining they've driven across multiple counties to get started on their Thanksgiving day shopping only to find they can only get uncleaned, blah, blah, blah. So we have to explain that no, we support chitlins and are trying to work on a solution for better food safety. And we put the people's names on the "chitlin' list."

I swear, I think I heard the word "chitlin" like 100 times today. And I have I ever eaten one? No. And will I? Probably not.

P.S. And for those of you who are going, "WTF is chitlins?" See Wikipedia or this History of Chitlins. And as to why they are a food safety issue, read this thing on a web site I used to work on