October 15th, 2006


There's a creature in my bed!

It's a big download but OMG, funny video of Luckie demonstraing how she likes to embed herself in my bed, especially right after it's been made. Complete with me doing the silly kitty voice I always use with her, kind of sounding like Jeff Corwin, and Luckie making the "meat face." He he...

About 40 seconds of Luckie cuteness... (16 MB)

I know there's a way to convert this to another format that's not quite so big, but I can't think of it this late.
ice cream

You Don't Get This on TLC...

So as barter for future care of his dog, my neighbor Craig came down to clean out the water strainer on my air system... and skipping over that bit, which was easy... I asked him to look at my never-ever-replaced system air filter. The reason it has never been replaced is that it's located in such a way that it's nearly impossible to get at it -- up in the drop ceiling of the bathroom way up high and at a weird spot so you have to get up on a ladder and jigger it all around. Anyway, after a long search to *find* it, Craig found what may be the most played-out filter in history:

It disintegrated when he went to take it out and, as you can guess, was completely blocked. It's amazing my system hadn't had a proverbial heart attack. The good news? It's out of there and I went to Lowe's just now and got a new filter, recommended by Craig, that's reusable/washable and has a plastic frame that won't disintegrate. As soon as I borrow my ladder back from Caleb and cut the filter down to the right size (it's adjustable), it'll be in and presumably, the system'll be working a lot better. For now I'm running it with no filter, which has just got to be better than using it.

This weekend

Despite a lot of fatigue, I managed to get a lot done and have some fun this weekend.

  • Biked up to Salvation Army to drop off donations.
  • Went on to Star Provisions for breakfast and indulgences.
  • Went back to Salvation Army and scooped up a lot of bargains.
  • Over the course of several hours, put away all my clothes. I had 6 weeks worth of clean laundry piled on the bedroom floor. I'm pretty sure you could build a store around my clothing collection -- just what was one the floor. The closets weren't empty.
  • Also completely picked up the bedroom, which hadn't been touched in 6 weeks either. Th bed now has sheets again!
  • Did a LOT of laundry.
  • Enjoyed nice dinner, thanks to Caleb who made elaborate pumpkin soup and Daniel who brought over roast vegies and couscous.
  • Watched parts of SciFi Original Movie, Haunted Prison. Not their best quality bad movie, but pretty bad.

  • Slept in 'til 10:30. The whole bed with sheets thing was nice.
  • Got to watch my neighbor fix some major problems with my HVAC system and saw the remains of my filter.
  • Cleaned up mess left after filter removed.
  • Biked out to Edgewood Retail District with the boys and got a new filter, some bungee cords (for strapping it to my bike) and pet supplies.
  • Watched mindless TV for a couple of hours.
  • Took a nice long nap.
  • Cooked yummy linguine with clams dinner.

Today I meant to clean my office and address the massive accummulations of paperwork, but the whole air filter thing threw me off, plus I was just really tired.